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    Endings of Slovak adjectives

    As mentioned, we also have 3 genders. It is easy to find out what gender it is, based on the endings of the adjectives in their nominative singular form:

    1. masculine gender ends with
    2. feminine gender ends with
    3. neutral gender ends with

    enlightenedBe careful, as there is a rhythmic rule, where there cannot be two long syllables next to each other. That is why it can happen, that you will see -y, -a and -e instead. Example: krátky, múdra, známe...

    The grammatical number of adjectives changes together with the nouns of which they are connected with. For example:

    • moderný dom (where dom is in masculine gender) 
    • moderná kuchyňa (where kuchyňa is in feminine gender)
    • moderné zariadenie (where zariadenie is in neutral gender)


    Let's check the exercise and practice your skills!


    Drag the text exercise on the gender of Slovak adjectives