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  • Slovak nouns

    There are 7 cases, 3 genders and 12 primary models of nouns. We also differentiate between singular and plural form. Learn how the nouns are divided and how to make a declension of the nouns using these basic rules.

    First of all, the nous can be general or personal and concrete or abstract:

    • General = written with small initial letters, names of people, animals, things of the same kind: láska, ruka, človek, muž, kvet, stôl...
    • Personal = written with capital initial letters, names of people, animals, holidays, towns, countries...: Dušan, Anna, Slovensko, Bratislava, Vianoce, Lapaj...


    • Concrete = we can touch the objects and can be observed with sense organs: Anna, drevo, pero, mobil, stena, kvet, pes...
    • Abstract = we cannot touch the abstract objects and cannot be observed with sense organs: láska, Vianoce, šťastie, radosť, slovenčina

    Genders of Slovak nouns

    As Slovak language does not have articles in front of the nouns, it is harder to remember the genders of the words. In this lesson we will look into the ways of identifying the gender of the nouns. 


    • žena (a woman) - feminine gender
    • pes (a dog) - masculine gender
    • dievča (a girl) - neutral gender


    Plural of Slovak nouns

    As in many other languages, Slovak language has grammatical numbers as well. Those are singular and plural. In this lesson we will show you how to create the plural form and we will present you the nouns which have only the Plural form.


    • žena (a woman) - ženy (women)
    • pes (a dog) - psy (dogs)
    • dievča (a girl) - dievčatá (girls)

    Models of Slovak nouns

    Each out of 3 genders has 4 basic models, making it 12 basic models, which we will teach you in this lesson. These are important when you want to decline the noun and create a Plural of the noun.


    • stena (a wall) - declined according to model "žena"
    • cesto (a dough) - declined according to model "mesto"
    • nôž (a knife) - declined according to model "stroj"


    Let´s get started!

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