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  • Creation of Slovak adverbs

    In this lesson we will show you how to create the adverbs! Let's have a look at it!

    How to create the adverbs

    The adverbs can be created from other word categories:

    1. from adjectives, where the suffix is -o, -e, -y
    2. from verbs

    There can be also other ways, but they do not follow any rules, therefore you need to use the dictionary.

    Adverbs from adjectives

    The 3 suffixes are -o, -e, -y. There is no rule to know which suffix to use. You need to check in the dictionaries.


    -o adjective adverb English
      múdry múdro wisely
      spravodlivý spravodlivo fairly
      tvrdý tvrdo hardly

    The adjectives ending with -avý, -ľavý, -ivý, -livý, -čivý, -istý, -vý, -ový, or the basis of the word ends with h, ch, k, b, p, m, d, t, s, š, z, ž, dz, c, r usually form the adverb ending with -e.

    -e adjective adverb English
      chutný chutne tasty
      dokonalý dokonale perfectly
      nezávislý nezávisle independently

    These adjectives ending with -ny, -ovitý, -itý, -lý usually form the adverb ending with -y.

    -y adjective adverb English
      letecký letecky by plane
      detský detsky childlike
      mužský mužsky manlike

    Those usually end with -ský, cký.


    Adverbs from verbs

    These adverbs are created from verbs, and are keeping only the basis of verbs. For example:

    verb adverb English
    ležať poležiačky while lying down
    stáť postojačky while standing
    ukradnúť ukradomky furtively
    obkročiť obkročmo astride
    opiť opito drunk


    Let´s practice with our exercises!


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