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  • In Slovak language we use only one kind of present tense - the present simple.

    When to use the present tense

    • something is generally or always true
    • the situation is more or less permanent
    • describing habits or situations which happen regulary (used usually with often - často, sometimes - niekedy, always - vždy etc.)
    • the actions are happening right now (used usually with right now - práve teraz, now - teraz etc.)

    Conjugation and the verb models

    There are 14 verbs, which serves as models for all of the verbs. That means each verb is declined according to one of the 14 models (according the suffix they have). 

    Here is the declension of all the verb models. The word base stays the same, just suffix is changing.

    Infinitive Singular     Plural    
      1. person 2. person 3. person 1. person 2. person 3. person
    chyt- chyt-ám -áš -áme -áte -ajú
    rozum-ieť rozum-iem -ieš -ie -ieme -iete -ejú
    nies-ť nes-iem -ieš -ie -ieme -iete
    tr-ieť tr-iem -ieš -ie -ieme -iete
    hyn-úť hyn-iem -ieš -ie -ieme -iete
    br- ber-iem -ieš -ie -ieme -iete
    čes- češ-em -eš -e -eme -ete
    ž- žn-em -eš -e -eme -ete
    chudn-úť chudn-em -eš -e -eme -ete
    žu-ť žu-j-em -eš -e -eme -ete
    prac-ovať prac-ujem -uješ -uje -ujeme -ujete -ujú
    rob- rob-ím -íš -íme -íte -ia
    vid-ieť vid-ím -íš -íme -íte -ia
    krič- krič-ím -íš -íme -íte -ia


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    • ty vidíš = you see
    • my kričíme = we shout
    • on žuje = he chews
    • oni nesú = they carry
    • ja robím = I do

    This was the list of the 14 models and its conjugation in present tense.

    enlightened Note, there is a rhythmical rule! If the verb contains long syllable, the next one is shortened. For example:

    • čítať (conjugated as chytať), however the suffixes are being shortened: čítam, čítaš, číta, čítame, čítate, čítajú.
    • miesiť (conjugated as robiť) : miesim, miesiš, miesi, miesime, miesite, miesia.

    Conjugation examples of most used Slovak verbs

    byť (to be)

    Person Singular Plural
    1. ja som my sme
    2. ty si vy ste
    3. on, ona, ono je oni, ony sú

    bývať (to live, reside)

    Person Singular Plural
    1. ja bývam my bývame
    2. ty bývaš vy bývate
    3. on, ona, ono býva oni, ony bývajú

    mať (to have)

    Person Singular Plural
    1. ja mám my máme
    2. ty máš vy máte
    3. on, ona, ono má oni, ony majú

    This lesson was dedicated to the verbs in present tense. Check out past and future tenses as well! Now, let´s practice.