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Are you looking for an in-depth explanation of the English grammar? Do you want to improve your knowledge of the English grammar with free exercises? You came to the right place. 

Learn the English grammar - online and free 

This online grammar course contains in-depth explanations of different subjects of the English grammar. From verbs and tenses to pronouns and articles, everything is discussed in different subchapters of this course. You can choose from dozens of lessons and design your own curriculum. You can study where and whenever you want. And that for free! 

The grammar is a very important part of languages, because it allows you to put words in a sensible order, so you can make logic sentences. In this course you will find plenty of fun exercises and audiomaterial, which makes the learning more fun and easier

Theory lessons and exercises 

The lessons and exercises in this course aim to improve your reading comprehension, writing, but also the hearing, because of the many audio clips that will allow you to gain a good pronuncation.

Thanks to this English grammar course, you can easily study:

  • The alphabet 
  • The pronunciation 
  • The structure of the sentence 
  • The articles
  • The pronouns
  • The nouns 
  • The adverbs
  • Prepositions 
  • The adjectives 
  • Verbs and tenses

Every chapter contains explanations of the grammar rules with tables for a clear understanding. There is a lot of audio material, which makes it easier to study the English pronunciation. After every course you can do multiple exercises to test your knowledge of the topic. In this way you can check your progress and review your errors in an easy and fun way. 

English grammar online course - for whom?

This free grammar course is for everyone that wants to learn English. You could be a professional, a student or an immigrant, it doesn't matter. With this grammar course you will learn the most important grammar rules that allow you to express yourself in English. After this course you will have a better understanding of the English language. 

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1 English alphabet English alphabet definition, chart, examples, exercises
2 English pronunciation and phonetics English phonetic definition, categories, chart, examples, exercises
3 English articles English articles definition, categories, chart, examples, exercises
4 English pronouns Personal, impersonal, object, possessive, reflexive, demonstrative pronouns
5 English nouns English nouns definition, categories, chart, examples, exercises
6 English adjectives English adjectives definition, categories, chart, examples, exercises
7 English adverbs Learn all about the English adverbs.
8 English prepositions Learn what prepositions are and how to use them with this overview of the grammar.
9 English verbs Study the English verbs with this free grammar course.
10 English conditionals Learn the English conditionals with this overview of the grammar.