Adjectives in Croatian

What is an adjective?

Adjectives give additional information. They describe nouns in their characteristics. Adjectives can be declined, they don't have a fixed form, they can be gradable or non-gradable.

Ona je brza. - She is fast.

Ona je brža od mene. - She is faster than me.

Types of adjectives

In Croatian language adjectives are divided by meaning in:

1. Descriptive adjectives

They respond to the question "Kakvo je što?" (How is something?)

On vozi žuti auto. - She is driving a yellow car.

Njena kuća je velika. - Her house is big.

2. Possessive adjectives

They respond to the question "Čije je što?" (Whose is what?)

Očevo imanje. - My father' property.

Sestrina soba. - My sister's room.

3. Texture adjectives

They respond to the question "Od čega je što?" (Of what is something made off?)

Zlatna vrata. - The golden door.

Ona pije iz plastičnih čaša. - She is drinking from plastic cups. 

Formation of adjectives 

The formation of adjectives depends on the noun's endings. 

1. If the noun ends in -cija in adjective form will end in -ijski

Akcija me čini sretnim. - The action makes me happy.

Volim akcijske filmove. - I love action movies.

2. If the noun ends in -ij or -ija in adjective form will end in -ijski

Danas se ne može živjeti bez multimedija. - Today we can't live without multimedia.

Multimedijski utjecaj se povečava. - Multimedia influence is increasing.

3. If the noun ends in -ika or -izam in adjective form it will have ending in -ički

Forenzika je važna znanost. - Forensics is an important science.

Forenzička istraživanja. - Forensic research.

4. If we want to form a possessive adjective with nouns ending in an consonant than the adjective ending will be in -ev or -ov

Brat ima veliki stan. - My brother has a big flat.

Bratov stan je velik. - My brother's flat is big.

enlightenedThe noun "autobus" is an exception, forming and adjective adding the ending -ni to the noun.

autobus - autobusni 


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