Croatian possessive pronouns

Possessive pronouns or posvojne zamjenice are used to show, that a noun belongs to somebody or something. For example (mine, yours, hers) in Croatian language possessive pronouns are declined as adjectives which depend on: 

  • gender (rod)

  • number (broj)

  • case (padež)

Gender of possessive pronouns

The possessive pronouns can have three genders. In Croatian they respond to questions: čiji?, čija?, čije?

  • masculine gender: Čiji je to auto? ( Whose car is this?)

  • feminine gender: Čija je to torba? (Whose bag is this?)

  • neuter gender: Čije je dijete? (Whose child is this?)


Number of possessive pronouns

Below is the declension of possessive pronouns in all genders and persons.


  Masculine Feminine Neuter
Mine moj moja moje
Yours tvoj tvoja tvoje
His njegov njegova njegovo
Her njezin njezina njezino



  Masculine Feminine Neuter
Ours naš naša naše
Yours vaš vaša vaše
Theirs njihov njihova njihovo


enlightenedTo indicate the possession of the 3rd person singular or plural endings in -ov (masculine) / -ovo (feminine) and -in (masculine) / -ina (feminine) are added to the object which is possessing. 

  •  Vlasnik auta je Ivan. (Ivan is the owner of the car.)  - To je Ivanov auto. (It's Ivan's car.)
  •  Ivana ima torbu. (Ivana has a bag.) - To je Ivanina torba. (It's Ivana's bag.)


Declension of the possessive pronouns

In the following table is an example of declension of the possessive pronoun "moj".

Remember all possessive pronouns should be always declined in singular and plural form, in grammatical cases and genders.


  Masculine Neuter Feminine
Nominative moj moje moja
Genitive mojega, moga mojega, moga moje
Dative mojemu, mom mojemu, mom mojoj
Accusative mojega, moga moje moju
Vocative moje moje moja
Locative mojemu, mom mojemu, mom mojoj
Instrumental mojim mojim mojoj


enlightenedThe following cases coincide in singular: nominative and vocative, dative and locative. Pay attention that sometimes masculine and neuter gender have the same form.


  Masculine Neuter Feminine
Nominative moji moje moja
Genitive mojih mojih mojih
Dative mojim(a) mojim(a) mojim(a)
Accusative moje moje moja
Vocative moji moje moja
Locative mojim(a) mojim(a) mojim(a)
Instrumental mojim(a) mojim(a) mojim(a)


enlightenedIn general in plural coincide possessive pronoun form of dative, vocative and instrumental


Keep in mind to always follow the rule of 3 declensions: gender, grammatical number and grammatical case. Now you are ready to practice the acquired knowledge! wink