Croatian grammar

If you have just finished with our Croatian language course for beginners you are ready to acquire deep insight into the basics of Croatian grammar. 

Why to study Croatian grammar with our course?

With this course you will have enough well structured lessons allowing you to have fast and efficient studying. All of them are rich in content and accompanied by interactive exercises: however, the most important advantage they offer you is a complete independence and autonomy to learn and study the Croatian language!  Even if you are not a native speaker of one of Slavic languages, with our course this won't be a barrier in a studying process.

Mix of grammar rules and exercises

In the lessons you will study Croatian grammar structure, rules and ultimately be able to master it with exercises. Every topic starts with a short theory lesson, and is followed by multiple interactive and free exercises. Compared to other learning methods like books, language schools, this course is more interactive and engaging. 

In our lessons you will get the necessary knowledge about different aspects of grammar like:

  • Nouns and pronouns
  • Tenses (perfect, present, future)
  • Adverbs and more

Also you will train your reading, pronunciation and speaking skills with audio examples and writing skills with writing exercises.

Croatian free course for foreigners

This free course is suitable for everyone. You could be a student, young professional, adult or immigrant, it doesn't matter. The lessons and the course outline are structured according to the needs of an distance learning audience. Learning basic grammar rules you will become fluent speaker. You will be able to have basic conversations and express your thoughts and feelings. You will especially benefit from our course if you are moving in Croatia for working or studying purpose.

Additionally take Skype lesson with a real teacher to become a fluent speaker!

Don't miss your chance to learn Croatian with a native speaker. Via Skype it's easy and time saving. The course is made to train all your skills and doesn't limit your language learning experience to only 1 skill! You will be in the hands of some of the best teachers. Only schedule a lesson according to your free time and learn from the comfort of your home. We strongly advise you to use this course in combination with lessons from one of our native Croatian teachers!

Next lessons

1 Nouns in Croatian Learn everything about Croatian nouns
2 Pronouns in Croatian Introduction in Croatian pronouns
3 Verbs in Croatian Learn about Croatian verbs
4 Adverbs in Croatian Learn about adverbs in Croatian language
5 Adjectives in Croatian Learn about adjectives in Croatian