Conditional I. in Croatian

When to use the conditional I.?

The conditional I. or kondicional sadašnji is a grammatical mood that we use to express:

1.  A proposition whose validity is dependent on some condition

Popio bih kavu s tobom da nisam u velikoj žurbi. - I would take a coffee with you, if I wasn't in a hurry.

2. A hypothetical state of affairs, or an uncertain event

Kad bismo učili kako treba, rezultati bi bili bolji. - If we would study more, results would be better.

3. A polite question or a request

Gospodine, biste li nam pokazali put? - Sir, would you show us the way?

4. An intention

Vikao je ne bi li ga čuli. - He was shouting in order to make them hear him.

enlightenedThere is only one signal word used in conditional mood; "Kad" (if)

Formation of the conditional I.

The conditional I. grammatical mood is formed of auxiliary verb "biti" in aorist + endings for active verbal adjective which are added to the given verb. Look at the following examples:

Infinitive form Auxiliary verb in aorist Active verbal adjective
ostati (to stay) bih ostala
prenočiti (to sleep) bih  prenočila



Ja bih ostala ovdje. - I would like to stay here.

On bi prenočio kod tebe. - He would liek to sleep in your place.

Conjugation of the conditional I. mood

As examples of conjugation are chosen auxiliary verbs in masculine gender.

Auxiliary verb "Biti" in conditional I.

Person Biti
Ja bih bio
Ti bi bio
On bi bio
Mi  bismo bili
Vi biste bili
Oni bi bili


Auxiliary verb "Htjeti" in conditional I.

Person Htjeti
Ja bih htio
Ti  bi htio
On bi htio
Mi bismo htjeli
Vi biste htjeli
Oni bi htjeli


Pay attention to the formation of the conditional I.smiley