Comparison of adjectives in Croatian

​What is a comparison of adjectives?

Comparison is a process of comparing two or more objects by one common feature. The process has three forms, positive, comparative and superlative.

Positive form of adjectives

The positive form of adjectives express only what feature we are talking about.

  • Ivana je brza. - Ivana is fast.
  • Kuća je velika. - The house is big. 

Comparative form of adjectives

The comparative form of adjectives expresses that some object has an feature in a bigger quantity.

  • Ivana je brža od Marije. - Ivana is faster than Marija. 

Formation of the comparative form

1. The comparative form of adjectives can be formed by endings: -ji, -iji

  • crven - crveniji (red)
  • ukusan - ukusniji (tasty)

2. The comparative form of adjectives can be formed by ending -ši

enlightenedThese adjectives are exceptions

  • mek - mekši (soft)
  • lak - lakši (easy)
  • lijep - ljepši (beautiful)

Superlative form of adjectives

The superlativ form is formed by the prefix -naj + adjective in comparative form. For ex. naj + ljepša = najljepša (the most beautiful)

enlightenedThe prefix -naj corresponds to the English article "the"

  • Ona je najgora učenica u razredu. - She is the worst student in the class.

Subotom najviše volim ići na more. - At Saturday I like the most going to the beach.

Irregular comparison

In Croatian language there are four adjectives with irregular comparison form. 

Positive Comparative Superlative English
dobar bolji najbolji good
zao gori najgori mean
malen manji najmanji small
velik veći najveći big


yesRemember to learn irregular forms by heart!