Pronouns in Croatian

In this lesson we will introduce you in Croatian pronouns. First we will give you a brief summary of all the content and after you will have more deeper insights into the subject.

What are the pronouns?

Pronouns are variable types of words. The pronouns = zamjenice can be changed depending on the grammatical cases, quantity and the gender of the noun. Croatian language has 7 different categories of pronouns. 

Different types of pronouns

We distinguish seven different types of pronouns.

Personal pronouns Pronoun that refers to a specific person, group or thing. For example 'he' and 'she'
Possessive pronouns They are pronouns that are used to show that a noun belongs to somebody or something. For example 'mine' and 'theirs'.
Reflexive pronouns They are pronouns which are part of the verb that refers to someone. For example 'myself' and 'himself'. 
Demonstrative pronouns They are pronouns that are used to demonstrate who and what is being referred to, for example 'this' and 'that'.
Interrogative pronouns They are pronouns that have an interrogative use. Or in other words 'question words' for example 'who'. 
Indefinite pronouns They are pronouns used to replace something indefinite or general.
Relative pronouns They establish a relationship between few simpe sentences by replacing a noun in one or few of them.


Take the following lessons to master Croatian pronouns. Pronouns are elementary part of every languuage. They will improve your grammar and your fluency!

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