Conditional II. in Croatian

When to use the conditional II.?

The conditional II. or kondicional prošli is a grammatical mood that we use to express:

1. An action that could be accomplished in the past

Suša bi nas bila osiromašila. - The drought would have made us poor.

2. An wish in the past

Ja bih bio radije ostao ovdje. - I would rather have stayed there.

enlightenedThe only signal word used in conditional II. is "Kad" (if)

Formation of the conditional II.

The conditional II. grammatical mood is formed of the auxiliary verb "biti" in conditional I. + endings for active verbal adjective which are added to the given verb. Look at the following examples:

Infinitive form Auxiliary verb in conditional I. Actvie verbal adjective
raditi (to work) bih bio radio
čitati (to read) bih bio čitao


Ja bih bio radio da sam imao vremena. - I would have worked if I had had time.

On bi bio radije čitao. - He would rather have read.

Conjugation of the conditional II. mood

As an examples of the conjugation is chosen the verb "pjevati" (to sing) in masculine gender.

Person Pjevati
Ja  bih bio pjevao
Ti bi bio pjevao
On  bi bio pjevao
Mi bismo bili pjevali
Vi biste bili pjevali
Oni bi bili pjevali


Pay attention to the formation of the conditional II. grammatical mood!smiley