Future II. in Croatian

When to use the future II. in Croatian?

The future II. tense or in Croatian future drugi is a grammatical tense that we use to talk about:

1. The future action that happens before another future action

Ne budeš li se spremio na vrijeme, zakasniti ćemo na vlak. - If you are not ready on time, we will miss the train.

Ako budeš dobro radio, dobro ću te platiti. - If you work hard, I will pay you well.

2. The action that will happen at the same time as another future action

Koliko budeš učio, toliko ćeš znati. - You will know as much as you study. 

Signal words

Usually it's very easy to understand when and how to use the future tense. Here are some time markers that will help you to use future II. properly.

Croatian English
nakon after
prije before
kada when



Kada budeš završio s poslom, javi mi se. - When you finish with the job, let me know.

Prije nego budeš išao doma, pokaži mi sliku. - Before you go home, show me the photo.

Verb conjugation

The future II. is formed by: perfect aspect form in present of the auxiliary verb "biti" + endings of the verbal adjective (endings in the singular: -o, -la,  -lo and for the plural -li, -le, -la)

Conjugation of the auxiliary verb "Biti"

Person "Biti"
I budem bio
You budeš bio
He/She bude bio
We budemo bili
You budete bili
They budu bili


Conjugation of the auxiliary verb "Htjeti"

Person "Htjeti"
I budem htio
You budeš htio
He/She bude htio
We budemo htjeli
You budete htjeli
They budu htjeli


Remember that future II. is used in complexes sentences together with the future I. and it's formed with the auxiliary verb "biti".smiley