Croatian indefinite pronouns

Indefinite pronouns or neodređene zamjenice refer either to an unspecified person or group (someone, you, others) or to an absence of people or things (nobody)

Types of indefinite pronouns

In Croatian there are three types of indefinite pronouns

  • neodređene (unspecified)
  • niječne (negative)
  • opće (universal)

Unspecified indefinite pronouns

To remember the form of these pronouns pay attention to prefixes and sufixes used to create an unspecified pronoun. Two prefixes are used; -ne and -gdje, and one sufix in -god.

prefix in -ne prefix in -gdje sufix in -god
netko (somebody) gdjetko (whoever) tkogod (whoever)
nešto (something) gdješto (whatever) štogod (whatever)
neki (some) gdjekoji (whichever) kojigod (whichever)
nekakav (some) gdjekakav (whatever) kakavgod (whatever)
nečiji (somebody's)   čijigod (whosever)


Negative indefinite pronouns

The negative indefinite pronouns use the prefix -ni!

prefix in -ni English translation
nitko nobody
ništa nothing
ničiji nobody's
nikakav none


Universal indefinite pronouns

Pay attention to prefixes and to constructions made of two words!

prefix in -i prefix in-sva ma + pronoun prefix in -koje bilo + pronoun pronoun + god
itko (anyone) svatko (everyone) ma tko (whoever) kojetko (anybody) bilo tko (anyone) tko god (whoever)
išta (anything) svašta (everything) ma što (whatever) koješta (all sorts of things) bilo što (anything) što god (whatever)
ikoji (any) svaki (everyone) ma koji (whichever) kojekakav (any) bilo koji (anyone) koji god (whichever)
ikakav (any) svačiji (everyones) ma kakav (whatever)   bilo čiji (anyones) čiji god (whosoever)
  svakakav (all sorts of) ma čiji (whosoever)   bilo kakav (anyone) kakav god (whatever)
  sav (all) ma kolik (whatever)      


enlightenedRemember there are many different versions of the one indefinite pronoun (for ex."whatever" = što god, kakav god). There is no specific rule that determinates when to use which one!


Difference in Croatian between što god and štogod

Pronouns tkogod, štogod, kojigod, kakavgod, čijigod mean somebody or something.

  • Reci mi štogod. - Tell me something.
  • Ako te tkogod upita, zaniječi! - If somebody asks you, say no!

Pronouns tko god, što god, koji god, čiji god, kakav god mean whoever and whatever.

  • Što god da mi kažeš, neću te poslušati! - Whatever you tell me, I won't listen you!
  • Tko god da te pita, nije tvoj problem! - Whoever asks you, it's not your problem!


Declension of indefinite pronouns

Indefinite pronouns should be declined in gender, number and cases. As an example is chosen the pronoun "sav".

Singular of the indefinite pronoun

  Masculine Feminine Neuter
Nominative sav sva sve
Genitive svega sve svega
Dative svemu svoj svemu
Accusative svega svu sve
Vocative sav sva sve
Locative svemu svoj svemu
Instrumental svime svom svime


Plural of the indefinite pronoun

  Masculine Feminine Neuter
Nominative svi sve sva
Genitive svih, sviju svih, sviju svih,sviju
Dative svima svima svima
Accusative sve sve sva
Vocative svi sve sva
Locative svima svima svima
Instrumental svima svima svima


Remember there are three types of indefinite pronouns. Each one is declined in cases, genders and in grammatical numbers. smiley