What is an adverb of cause?

Adverbs of cause tell us why something took place. In Croatian language adverbs of cause answer to the following questions: zašto? zbog čega?

enlightenedIn English questions are translate with "Why?"

List of adverbs of cause

In the following table there is a list of adverbs with the sentence example.

Adverb Croatian example English translation
zato Nisam došao zato što nisam imao vremena. I didn't come because I hadn't time.
stoga Bio sma umoran stoga sam ostao doma. I was tired so I stayed at home.
bezrazložno Bezrazložno je odbila doći. She refused to come without a reason.
hotimice Hotimice nisam išla. Purposely I didn't come.
slučajno  Slučajno sam zaspala. I felt a sleep accidentally.


Learning adverbs by heart will also extend your vocabulary. smiley