Croatian reflexive pronouns

Reflexive pronouns or povratne zamjenice are part of the verb which refers to someone. For example: myself or himself. They are used with reflexive and reciprocal verbs.

Chart of Croatian reflexive pronouns

Reflexive pronouns in Croatian language don't have form in nominative and vocative case. The short form is used when the subject is not specified or when the action is being performed over the subject. (Examples can be found in the section "Use and examples of reflexive pronouns")

enlightenedPay attention that following pronouns are valid for all genders, singular or plural form!

Case Full form Short form
Nom/Voc x x
Genitive sebe se
Dative sebi si
Accusative sebe  se
Locative sebi x
Instrumental sobom x


Use and examples of reflexive pronouns

Reflexive pronouns are always used to mark:

  • 1st person singular (Perem se or Perem sebe! - I am washing myself!)
  • the action where the subject is not specified (Čuje se. - It can be heard.)
  • the action being performed over the subject (Juha se jede žlicom. - The soup is eaten with a spoon.)

enlightenedThe subject can be a living creature or an object.

Reflexive pronouns are one of the most simple lessons. Test yourself with a few exercises and practice your skills! wink