Future I. in Croatian

When to use the future I. tense?

The future I. tense or in Croatian futur prvi is a grammatical tense that we use to talk about:

1. Actions that will be performed after the moment of speaking

Početi ću učiti od sutra. - I will start to study from tomorrow.

Ići ću u shopping sljedeći tjedan. - I will go to shopping next week.

2. Narrative future (Used to express the future in the past, for an action that will happen after another action in the past)

Prije nego li će poći, sazvao je svoje prijatelje. - Before he would go, he invited his friends.

enlightenedIn Croatian reported speech there is no tense rules when expressing future, unlike in English (the future remains unchanged). For ex. Rekao mi je da će doći. - He told me, he would come.

enlightenedThe Croatian future tense can be translated into English using Simple Future Tense, Future Continuous Tense or with the phrase "going to + infinitive".

Signal words

Usually it is very easy to understand when and how to use the future tense. Here are some time markers that will help you to use it properly.

Croatian English
sutra tomorrow
preksutra after tomorrow
sljedeći tjedan next week
sljedeći mjesec next month
sljedeće godine next year
večeras tonight



Večeras ću ići u kino. - Tonight I am going to the cinema.

Sljedeći mjesec ću ići u Njemačku. - Next month I will go to the Germany.

Verb conjugation

The future I. is formed by: atonic present form of the auxiliary verb "htjeti" + infinitive

Person raditi  ( to work)
Ja ću raditi
Ti ćeš raditi
On/Ona će raditi
Mi ćemo raditi
Vi ćete raditi
Oni/One će raditi


enlightenedIn inversion the verb with ending in -ti, lose the letter -i. This rule is applied to the all verbs, including auxiliary verbs biti and htjeti.

Person the inversion of the verb "raditi"
Ja radit ću
Ti radit ćeš
On/Ona radit će
Mi radit ćemo
Vi radit ćete
Oni/One radit će


In the future I. tense always pay attention to endings and the changes in inversion. smiley