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  • Telling the time in Slovak

    Once you have learned how to count and how to say numbers, it is time to read the clock! It differs from English, therefore, you need to pay attention smiley Let's get started!


    Hours, minutes and seconds in Slovak

    First of all, start with the basic vocabulary:

    English Slovak
    a time čas
    an hour hodina
    a minute minúta
    a second sekunda

    Great! In Slovak language, there are different forms of these words, when connecting them with numbers. Here is the explanation:

      Second Minute Hour
    1 sekunda minúta hodina
    2,3,4 (plural) sekundy minúty hodiny
    5,6,.....59 (plural) sekúnd minút hodín



    • jedna sekunda = 1 second
    • štyri hodiny = 4 hours
    • osemnásť minút = 18 minutes

    Expressions about the time in Slovak

    When telling the time in Slovak, you will for sure need these:

    English Slovak
    What is the time? Koľko je hodín?
    It is.. Je../Sú..
    o'clock hodina/hodiny/hodín
    Do you have time today? Máš dnes čas?
    Yes, I have time today. Áno, mám dnes čas.
    How late is it? Ako neskoro je?
    half pol
    quarter štvrť
    5 minutes to 12 (11:55) o 5 minút 12 hodín
    5 past 12 (12:05) 12 hodín a 5 minút
    "in 5 minutes 12" (11:55) "o 5 minút 12"


    Note that "It is....o'clock" varies:

    English Slovak
    It is one o'clock. Je jedna hodina.
    It is two/three/four o'clock. dve, tri, štyri hodiny.
    It is five/six/... twelve o'clock. Je päť, šesť,... dvanásť hodín.


    "Half Hour" in Slovak

    Expressing halves is different from English. While saying 10:30 in English is "half past 10", in Slovak we could translate it to "half to 11" or "half of eleventh hour".

      Halves Clock

    Time English Slovak
    00:30 half past midnight pol jednej
    01:30 half past one pol druhej
    02:30 half past two pol tretej
    03:30 half past three pol štvrtej
    04:30 half past four pol piatej
    05:30 half past five pol šiestej
    06:30 half past six pol siedmej
    07:30 half past seven pol ôsmej
    08:30 half past eight pol deviatej
    09:30 half past nine pol desiatej
    10:30 half past ten pol jedenástej
    11:30 half past eleven pol dvanástej
    12:30 half past twelve pol jednej 

    When expressing half hour we always use "je" and never "sú".


    • Good: Je pol šiestej. (It is half pas five)
    • Bad: Sú po šiestej.


    "Quarters" and minutes in Slovak

    We, in Slovakia, again, use "quarter to" and "quarter past" differently than in English. While in English 11:15 would be "quarter past 11", in Slovakia we read it as "quarter on 12". 11:45 in English is "quarter to 12", while in Slovakia it could be translated as "three quarters on 12". Sounds strange, but with practice, you will not even notice!

    "Quarter past"

    Time English Slovak
    00:15 quarter past midnight štvrť na jeden
    01:15 quarter past one štvrť na dva
    02:15 quarter past two štvrť na tri
    03:15 quarter past three štvrť na štyri
    04:15 quarter past four štvrť na päť
    05:15 quarter past five štvrť na šesť
    06:15 quarter past six štvrť na sedem
    07:15 quarter past seven štvrť na osem
    08:15 quarter past eight štvrť na deväť
    09:15 quarter past nine štvrť na desať
    10:15 quarter past ten štvrť na jedenásť
    11:15 quarter past eleven štvrť na dvanásť
    12:15 quarter past twelve štvrť na jeden


    "Quarter to"

    Time English Slovak
    00:45 quarter to one tri štvrte na jeden
    01:45 quarter to two tri štvrte na dva
    02:45 quarter to three tri štvrte na tri
    03:45 quarter to four tri štvrte na štyri
    04:45 quarter to five tri štvrte na päť
    05:45 quarter to six tri štvrte na šesť
    06:45 quarter to seven tri štvrte na sedem
    07:45 quarter to eight tri štvrte na osem
    08:45 quarter to nine tri štvrte na deväť
    09:45 quarter to ten  tri štvrte na desať
    10:45 quarter to eleven tri štvrte na jedenásť
    11:45 quarter to twelve tri štvrte na dvanásť
    12:45 quarter to one tri štvrte na jeden


    Here we go! You already know how to say full hours, halves and quarters. What about "5 minutes to" and "10 minutes to", as well as, "5 minutes past" and "10 minutes past"?


    • 5 minutes to 10 = O päť (5) minút desať (10)
    • 10 minutes to 8 = O desať(10) minút osem (8)
    • 5 minutes past 10 = Desať (10) hodín a päť (5) minút
    • 10 minutes past 8 = Osem (8) hodín a desať (10) minút

    "5/10 minutes to X" is equivalent to "o 5/10 minút X" which means "in 5/10 minutes X"

    "5/10 minutes past X" is equivalent to "X a 5/10 minút" which means "X and 5/10 minutes"


    Digital time in Slovak

    This is the simplest form. You read what you see.

    For example:

    • 07:56=  Je sedem hodín a päťdesiatšesť minút.
      • or simply sedem päťdesiatšesť
    • 02:04= dve hodiny a štyri minúty.
      • or simply dve nula štyri
    • 03:35= tri hodiny a tridsaťpäť minút.
      • or simply tri tridsaťpäť

    Yesterday, today and tomorrow

    When talking about when something is going to happen or happened, we use "o". (At five. = O piatej.)

    English Slovak
    When? Kedy?
    At 5 o'clock. O piatej.
    Approximately at/Around 5 o'clock. Okolo piatej.
    tomorrow zajtra
    the day after tomorrow pozajtra
    today dnes
    yesterday včera
    the day before yesterday predvčerom
    soon skoro
    late neskoro
    in the morning / morning ráno
    in the evening / evening večer
    in the night / night v noci / noc
    now teraz
    a moment moment

    Example dialog

    Hana: Čau! Kedy prídeš? (Hi! When you will come?)

    Barbora: Ahoj! Prídem dnes o pol deviatej. (Hello! I will come today at half past eight.)

    Hana: Ráno alebo večer? (In the morning or in the evening?)

    Barbora: Ráno. (In the morning.)

    Hana: Super! Ja prídem neskôr. Okolo deviatej. (Super! I will come later. Around nine.)

    Barbora: Ok, vidíme sa! (Ok, see you!)

    Now you are ready to practice! Check the 3 exercises prepared for you!


    Writing exercise about the Slovak time

    Fill in the blanks with the correct words in Slovak

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