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  • Would you like to inform somebody about your name, age, occupation or telephone number? This lesson will help you with that! Keep reading and learning!

    "My name is" in Slovak

    At first, let's have a look at the basic words needed for completing this lesson:

    English Slovak
    a name meno
    a surname / a family name priezvisko
    a middle name stredné meno
    a nickname prezývka
    Thank you. Ďakujem.
    please prosím


    There are various ways how to express the most common phrase: "My name is..."

    English Slovak
    My name is... Moje meno je...
    My name is... Volám sa...
    I am... Som...


    You can ask about one's name with several questions:

    English Slovak
    What is your name? Aké je tvoje meno?
      Aké je vaše meno? (formal / plural)
      Ako sa voláš?
      Ako sa voláte? (formal / plural)

    The Slovak equivalent of "Nice to meet you." is "Teší ma." It is used also in formal and informal conversations.

    Example dialog

    Anna: Ahoj! Ako sa voláš? (Hi! What is your name?)

    Ján: Čau! Moje meno je Ján. A ty? (Hello! My name is Ján. And you?)

    Anna: Som Anna. Teší ma. (I am Anna. Nice to meet you.)

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    How to say "How old are you?"

    English Slovak
    How old are you? Koľko máš rokov?
      Koľko máte rokov? (formal / plural)
    I am 25 years old. Mám 25 rokov.
    When is your birthday? Kedy máš narodeniny?
      Kedy máte narodeniny? (formal / plural)
    My birthday is on 14.8. Moje narodeniny sú 14.8.

    You can check our Numbers and counting in Slovak lesson to learn the number of your age.

    Example dialog

    Ján: Koľko máš rokov, Anna? (How old are you, Anna?)

    Anna: Mám 20 rokov. A ty? (I am 20 years old. And you?)

    Ján: Mám 23 rokov. Kedy máš narodeniny? (I am 23 years old. When is your birthday?)

    Anna: Moje narodeniny sú 15.2. (My birthday is on 15.2.)


    How to ask "Where are you from?" in Slovak

    You will need this vocabulary to ask and answer this question:

    English Slovak
    Where are you from? / Where do you come from? Odkiaľ si? / Odkiaľ pochádzaš?
      Odkiaľ ste? / Odkiaľ pochádzate? (formal / plural)
    I come from ... Som z... / Pochádzam z...
    I am...(German). Som...(Nemec).
    Where do you live? Kde bývaš? / Kde žiješ?
      Kde bývate? / Kde žijete? (formal / plural)
    I live in... Bývam v... / Žijem v...

    To find out how to say your country in Slovak, check out our lesson Slovak names for countries and languages.

    Example dialog

    Ján: Odkiaľ pochádzaš? (Where are you from?)

    Anna: Pochádzam z Francúzska. A ty? (I come from France. And you?)

    Ján: Som Američan, ale žijem v Španielsku. (I am American, but I live in Spain.)


    "What is your profession" in Slovak

    There are plenty of professions but we will try to provideyou with the most common professions in the list below:

    English Slovak male,female
    a student študent, študentka
    a cashier pokladník, pokladníčka
    a waiter, a waitress čašník, čašníčka
    a nurse zdravotný brat, zdravotná sestra
    a doctor doktor / lekár, doktorka / lekárka
    a steward, a flight attendant steward, letuška
    a manager manažér, manažérka
    a teacher učiteľ, učiteľka
    a chef kuchár, kuchárka
    a bus driver šofér autobusu, šoférka autobusu
    unemployed nezamestnaný, nezamestnaná
    retired na dôchodku, na dôchodku

    And here is the list with questions and asnwers about the profession:

    English Slovak
    What is your profession? Aké je tvoje povolanie?
    What are you doing for living? Čím sa živíš?
    My profession is... Moje povolanie je...
    I am... (chef). Som... (kuchár).

    Example dialog

    Anna: Čím sa živíš, Ján? (What are you doing for living, Ján?)

    Ján: Moje povolanie je kuchár. A ty? Aké je tvoje povolanie? (My profession is a chef. And you? What is your profession?)

    Anna: Som študentka. (I am a student.)

    "What is your telephone number and e-mail address?" in Slovak

    Asking about your telephone number or an e-mail address is common during interviews and in formal places like offices, schools or at the doctor.

    We again advise you to check our Numbers and counting in Slovak lesson.

    English Slovak
    a telephone number telefónne číslo
    an e-mail address e-mailová adresa
    an interview pohovor

    Questions and answers regarding telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

    English Slovak
    What is your telephone number? Aké je tvojé telefónne číslo?
    My number is... Moje číslo je...
    What is your e-mail address? Aká je tvoja e-mailová adresa?
    My e-mail address is... Moja e-mailová adresa je...


    Example dialog

    Anna: Dobrý deň, ako sa voláte? (Good afternoon, what's your name?)

    Peter: Zdravím, volám sa Peter. (Hello, my name is Peter.)

    Anna: Koľko máte rokov? Čím sa živíte? (How old are you? What are you doing for living?)

    Peter: Mám 26 rokov a som študent. (I am 26 years old and I am a student.)

    Anna: Budem potrebovať vaše osobné údaje. Aká je vaša e-mailová adresa a telefónne číslo? (I will need your contact details. What's your e-mail address and telephone number?)

    Peter: Moja e-mailová adresa je peter123@gmail.com a moje telefónne číslo je +421 900 000 000. (My e-mail address is peter123@gmail.com and my telephone number is +421 900 000 000.)

    Anna: Ďakujem. (Thank you.)



    Now you are able to introduce yourself in Slovak. Let's practice!