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  • This lesson will teach you how to express the feelings and emotions in Slovak. Let´s have a look!

    Vocabulary list

    Here are some basic emotions in Slovak:

    English Slovak
    an emotion emócia
    a feeling pocit
    a joy radosť
    a happiness radosť, šťastie
    a luck šťastie
    a sadness smútok
    a fear strach
    an excitement vzrušenie
    a love láska
    a loneliness samota


    Adjectives to talk about emotions and feelings

    To express how you feel, you will need these. Let´s start with the positive feelings:

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    Positive emotions

    English Slovak
    happy, lucky šťastný
    impressed ohromený
    deeply moved dojatý
    excited vzrušený
    glad spokojný, rád
    open minded otvorený
    cheerful veselý
    fascinated fascinovaný
    grateful vďačný
    optimistic optimistický


    Negative emotions

    English Slovak
    sad smutný
    angry, mad nahnevaný
    anxious, nervous nervózny
    bad zlý
    stressed vystresovaný
    annoyed otrávený
    lonely sám


    Useful expressions

    When talking about how you feel you can use these two phrases:

    English Slovak
    I am... Som...
    I feel... Cítim sa...
    How do you feel? Ako sa cítiš?


    • Som otrávený. = I am annoyed.
    • Som nahnevaný. = I am mad.
    • Som šťastný. = I am happy.
    • Cítim sa šťastný. = I feel happy.


    Practice this vocabulary in the exercise prepared for you.