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  • When you need to visit the doctor in Slovakia, this lesson will come in handy. Be prepared!

    Basic vocabulary related to the doctors

    English Slovak
    a doctor doktor
    a nurse sestrička, zdravotná sestra
    a pacient pacient
    a pharmacy lekáreň
    a wating room čakáreň
    a health insurance zdravotné poistenie
    medicaments lieky
    to prescribe predpísať
    a pill tabletka
    a shot injekcia
    a syrup sirup
    a recipe recept
    a hospital nemocnica
    an ambulance sanitka
    a waiting time čakací čas
    an emergency call núdzový hovor


    Ilnesses and health status

    English Slovak
    healthy zdravý
    ill, sick chorý
    tired unavený
    an illness choroba
    an inflammation zápal
    a cold nachladnutie
    a flu chípka
    a temperature teplota
    a sore throat bolesť hrdla
    a cough kašeľ
    a headache bolesť hlavy
    a swelling napuchnutie
    an allergy alergia


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    Useful phrases 

    English Slovak
    What happened? Čo sa stalo?
    What is the problem? Aký máte problém?
    What hurts you? Čo vás bolí?
    Where is your pain located? Kde vás bolí?
    How do you feel? Ako sa cítite?
    I feel... Cítim sa...
    My ...hurts.  Bolí ma...
    My back hurts. Bolí ma chrbát.
    What is wrong with you?  Čo vám je?
    Do you feel better?  Je vám lepšie?

     To better describe your medical problems, you will need our Body parts and head parts in Slovak lesson.

    Example dialog

    Let´s recap this lesson in this example dialog from the doctor´s office.

    Doctor: Dobrý deň. (Good afternoon.)
    Alena: Dobrý deň, pán doktor. Myslím, že som chorá. (Good afternoon, doctor. I think, I am sick.)
    Doctor: Aký máte problém? Ako sa cítite? (What is the problem? How do you feel?)
    Alena: Cítim sa unavene a bolí ma hlava. Kašlem. (I feel tired and I have a headache. I cough.)
    Doctor: Hmm, vidím že máte napuchnuté hrdlo. Predpíšem vám nejaké lieky. Nech sa páči. Opýtajte sa sestričky, kde je lekáreň. (Hmm, I can see you have swollen throat. I will prescribe some medication. Here you are. Ask the nurse where is the pharmacy.)
    Alena: Ďakujem. (Thank you.)
    Doctor: Je vám lepšie? (Do you feel better?)
    Alena: Áno, cítim sa dobre. Ďakujem. (Yes, I feel better. Thank you.)


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