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  • Describe the family in Slovak

    We say you can´t choose your own family. But you can talk about it how much you want! This lesson will prepare you for talking about your family members in Slovak language in no time!

    Slovak family names

    Here are the family members in Slovak:

    English Slovak
    a family rodina
    me ja
    a daughter dcéra
    a son syn
    a sister sestra
    a brother brat
    siblings súrodenci
    a mother mama
    a father otec
    a grandmother stará mama
    a grandfather starý otec
    a cousin (male) bratranec
    a cousin (female) sesternica
    a brother-in-law švagor
    a sister-in-law švagriná
    a father-in-law svokor
    a mother-in-law svokra
    an uncle ujo, strýko
    an aunt teta, stryná
    a granddaughter vnučka
    a grandson vnuk
    a wife manželka
    a husband manžel
    an only child jedináčik
    a baby bábätko
    parents rodičia
    grandparents starí rodičia
    children deti
    from the mother´s side z maminej strany
    from the father´s side z otcovej strany
    younger mladší, mladšia
    older starší, staršia

    Your family situation can be a little bit more complicated and you can have:

    English Slovak
    a step mother nevlastná mama
    a step father nevlastný otec
    a step sister nevlastná sestra
    a step brother nevlastný brat


    • Máš súrodencov? = Do you have siblings?
    • Mám sestru. = I have a sister.
    • Mám brata. = I have a brother.
    • Meno môjho otca je Ján. = The name of my father is John.
    • Moja mama má tridsatťdva rokov. = My mother is 32 years old.

    Family status in Slovak

    English Slovak (masculine, feminine)
    single slobodný, slobodná
    married ženatý, vydatá
    divorced rozvedený, rozvedená
    separated rozdelení (Plural)
    together spolu
    a widower, a widow vdovec, vdova

    Note that when using Plural, the affix is "". 


    • Je slobodná. = She is single.
    • Som slobodný. = I am single. (male)
    • Sme rozdelení. Nežijeme spolu. = We are separated. We do not live together.
    • Je ženatý. = He is married.
    • Som vydatá. = I am married. (female)
    • Moji rodičia sú rozvedení. = My parents are divorced.

    Example - describing the family

    Michaela: Moje meno je Michaela a mám dvadsaťtri rokov. Mám mladšieho brata a jednu nevlastnú sestru. Moji rodičia sú rozvedení. Moja mama má dvoch bratov a otec je jedináčik. Moji dvaja strýkovia sú zábavní. Starší Fero má dve deti - Janu a Karola. Jana je moja sesternica a Karol je môj bratranec. Mama mojej mamy, moja stará mama, je vdova. Moji starí rodičia z otcovej strany sú ženatí už 45 rokov. Som ich obľúbená vnučka.

    (Michaela: My name is Michaela and I am 23 years old. I have a younger brother and one step sister. My parents are divorced. My mother has two brothers and my father is an only child. My two uncles are funny. The older one, Fero, has two kids - Jana and Karol. Jana is my cousin and Karol is my cousin as well. The mother of my mother, my grandmother is a widow. My grandparents from the father´s side are married for 45 years already. I am their favourite granddaughter.)

    Perfect! Now you are ready to practice the family vocabulary with our execises.


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