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  • Party and how to say Happy Birthday in Slovak

    If you would like to know how to say Happy Birthday in Slovak, you are at the right place! In this lesson we will have a look on an exciting birthday and party vocabulary!

    How to say Happy Birthday in Slovak

    In Slovakia, when it's a person's birthday, it is a big occasion. The birthday person is organising a party and all of the guests bring a present. Here is how to wish Happy Birthday in Slovak:

    English Slovak
    a birthday narodeniny
    a nameday meniny
    All the best! Všetko najlepšie!
    All the best for your birthday! Všetko najlepšie k narodeninám!
    Happy Birthday! Všetko najlepšie k narodeninám!
    Congratulations! Gratulujem!
    I wish you all the best! Prajem ti všetko najlepšie!
    a health zdravie
    a luck šťastie
    a love láska


    Party expressions in Slovak



    a party


    a celebration


    a present, a gift


    an invitation


    a birthday cake


    a cake




    a fun


    a music


    to dance


    an idea


    a theme


    a game


    a grill party, a barbecue


    to grill


    a food


    Who brings something to eat?

    Kto prinesie niečo na jedenie?

    Who brings something to drink?

    Kto prinesie niečo na pitie?

    Who is coming tonight?

    Kto príde dnes večer?

    Who is going to buy a present?

    Kto kúpi darček?

    I invite all  of my friends.

    Pozývam všetkých mojich priateľov.


    Usually, people give flowers together with a present.

    happy birthday

    English Slovak
    the flowers kvety
    the roses ruže
    the tulips tulipány
    an orchid orchidea
    the gerberas gerbery
    a lily ľalia


    How to say Cheers in Slovak


    Slovaks are not famous only for being hard working and ambitious, but also for their drinking culture. Slovaks like to say "Cheers!" everytime they rise their glasses- with every single shot!

    English Slovak
    Cheers! Nazdravie!
    a shot panák
    an alcohol alkohol
    to drink piť
    a toast prípitok
    to have a toast mať prípitok

    Example dialog

    Let´s recap this lesson in the dialog!

    Michal: Ahoj! Ideš na Adamovu narodeninovú párty? (Hi, Are you coming to Adam´s birthday party?)

    Zuzana: Áno. Kto ešte dostal pozvánku? (Yes. Who else got the invitation?)

    Michal: Všetci jeho priatelia. Kto donesie jedlo a pitie? Budeme grilovať. (All his friends. Who brings the food and the drinks? We will grill.)

    Zuzana: Ja prinesiem narodeninovú tortu a sviečky. A čo darček? Máš nejaký nápad? (I will bring the birthday cake and the candles. And what about the present? Do you have any idea?)

    Michal: Fľaša alkoholu a nejaké kvety. Možno ruže a tulipány? (A bottle of alcohol and some flowers. Maybe roses and tulips?)

    Zuzana: Súhlasím. Nemôžem sa dočkať oslavy. Mám rada hudbu, tancovanie a jedlo. (I agree. I can´t wait for the celebration. I like music, dancing and food.)

    Michal: Aj ja. Vidíme sa tam! (Me too. See you there!)

    Zuzana: Do skorého videnia! (See you soon!)

    Let's practice your vocabulary with our exercises!


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