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  • Express opinions in Slovak

    Your opinion is an important part of the discussion. Learn how to express it in Slovak!

    Useful phrases in the conversation

    English Slovak
    Sorry? Pardon? Prosím? Ako prosím?
    Could you please repeat that? Mohli by ste to prosím zopakovať?
    Could you please explain that again? Mohli by ste to prosím vysvetliť spolu?
    Could you please talk more clearly? Mohli by ste prosím hovoriť jasnejšie?
    Could you please talk more slowly?

    Mohli by ste prosím hovoriť pomalšie?

    I am a beginner at ... Som začiatočík v...
    I am not able to talk that much in Slovak. Nie som schopný hovoriť tak veľa po slovensky.
    What does that mean? Čo to znamená?
    What does ... mean? Čo znamená... ?
    What is it? Čo je to?
    What is....? Čo je... ?


    How to express the opinion in Slovak

    English Slovak
    I agree. Súhlasím.
    I do not agree. Nesúhlasím.
    Excuse me?! Prepáčte?!
    That is just as I see it. Tak to vidím ja.
    To my mind... Podľa mňa...
    In my opinion... Podľa môjho názoru...
    If you ask me... Keď sa mňa pýtate...
    I do not know. Neviem.
    I can not think of anything. Nič mi nenapadá.
    either...or... buď...alebo...
    in contrast naopak


    Example dialog

    Let´s recap this lesson in this example dialog from a conference

    Boss: Dobrý deň, čo si myslíte o novej marketingovej stratégii? (Good afternoon, what do you think of the new marketing strategy?)


    Karol: Podľa môjho názoru je veľmi inovatívna. (In my opinion it is very innovative.)

    Adam: Prosím? Ako prosím? Môžete hovoriť jasnejšie? (Sorry? Pardon? Can you speak more clearly?)

    Igor: Neviem. Nič mi nenapadá. (I don´t know. I can´t think of anything.)

    Jana: Podľa mňa by sme mali vybrať buď prvú možnosť, alebo tretiu. (To my mind we should choose either the first option or the third one.)

    Adam: Nesúhlasim s Janou. Keď sa mňa pýtate, najlepšia možnosť je tá štvrtá. (I do not agree with Jana. If you ask me, the best option is the fourth one.)

    Jana: Prepáčte Adam?! (Excuse me, Adam?!)

    Adam: Takto to vidím ja. (That is just as I see it.)


    Boss: Ďakujem za vaše názory, kolegovia. (Thank you for your opinions, my colleagues.)


    Let´s train these phrases you just learned in the exercises!


    Choose the right answer exercise on the useful phrases in conversation

    Fill in the blanks exercise on expressing the opinion in Slovak

    Drag the text example dialog exercise about opinions