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An easy, online and free Slovak course for beginners?

Would you like to start learning Slovak online in an easy way?
Search no more and have a look at our lessons prepared for you to learn and practice at the same time!
What is more, it is for free!

Why should you learn Slovak?

There are lots of reasons why to do so. The Slovaks say:

,,Koľko jazykov vieš, toľkokrát si človekom."
which is equivalent to:
,,The more languages you know, the more you are human."

However some of the main reasons why it is good to learn Slovak are:

  • Opportunity to get a job in Slovakia
  • Open door to understand basics from many other Slavic languages (more than 270 million people)
  • To impress Slovaks
  • And more...!

Slovak might not be the most spoken language in the world, yet it is unique and interesting. You will definitely impress your friends or colleagues!

Why to learn Slovak with our course for beginners?

The course main advantages are:

  • Online! (Learn whenever and wherever you want)
  • Free (Learn without paying)
  • Easy (Learn without exhaustive texts to read)
  • With exercises (Learn and practice at the same time!)

Be different! Choose your individual learning plan and teach yourself online!

Learn the Slovak pronunciation and basic phrases!

We set your expectations very high. You should expect fast progress and enjoying learning! There are lessons with topics concerning:

  • Alphabet
  • Pronunciation
  • Vocabulary
  • Phrases

And more! At the end of the course you will be able to introduce yourself, understand the basics and react to various situational dialogues.

Slovak for foreigners, tourists and expats

Our language course provides easy lessons in English suitable for beginners, no matter if you are:

  • A student
  • A tourist
  • An expat
  • An adult learner
  • Or any kind of beginner

It is also a good match for you, whether you

  • Are bored of learning from books
  • Want to have individual schedule
  • Are busy for attending evening schools or courses

Take additional Skype lessons to train your pronunciation

Would you like to practice your pronunciation? We offer individual teaching with real teachers on Skype.

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1 Slovak alphabet and letters Teach yourself the Slovak alphabet, consisting of 46 letters, including Slovak special letters!
2 Slovak pronunciation Learn how the pronunciation works in Slovak language!
3 Slovak keyboard and how to type Slovak letters Learn how to use Slovak keyboard in this simple lesson!
4 Greetings and how to say Hello in Slovak Would you like to find out how to greet Slovak people? You will definitely impress them!
5 Introduce yourself in Slovak Learn how to say your name, age and what are your contact details in Slovak!
6 Colours in Slovak Learning colours and corresponding adjectives helps you describing objects more precisely!
7 Numbers and counting in Slovak Teach yourself how to count in Slovak! Learning numbers will help you to broaden your vocabulary!
8 Telling the time in Slovak Teach yourself how to read the clock in Slovak! With our lesson you will understand very quickly!
9 Talk about the weather in Slovak Learn how to talk about the weather in Slovak!
10 Days of the week, months and seasons in Slovak Names of the days of the weeks, months, seasons and asking about the date in Slovak.
11 Body parts and head parts in Slovak Learn how to say parts of the body and head and some corresponing adjectives in Slovak.
12 Food and drinks in Slovak Learn how to say favourite food and drinks in Slovak language!
13 Order food in Slovak Learn how to communicate in a restaurant!
14 Express opinions in Slovak Learn how to express your opinion in Slovak language in this lesson!
15 Feelings and emotions in Slovak Do you want to know how to express your feelings and emotions in Slovak? This lesson is for you!
16 I love you in Slovak Learn how to express your love in Slovak with this lesson!
17 Party and how to say Happy Birthday in Slovak Here is how to say Happy Birthday, Cheers in Slovak and you will learn the party vocabulary! Yay!
18 Asking directions in Slovak Would you like to ask for the directions in Slovakia? Learn how to ask or to respond!
19 Travel and transportation related words in Slovak Get ready to travel with this Slovak vocabulary!
20 At the doctors vocabulary in Slovak This lesson will prepare you for the doctors visit in Slovak.
21 At the post office in Slovak Learn the post office vocabulary in Slovak!
22 Describe the family in Slovak Learn how to describe your family in Slovak!
23 Talking about hobbies in Slovak This lesson will prepare you for talking about your free time and hobbies in Slovak.
24 Clothes in Slovak Learn how to name all the clothes in your closet - in Slovak.
25 House, room, furniture vocabulary in Slovak In this lesson, you will learn how to describe your house in Slovak!
26 Nature and animals names in Slovak Let´s learn the basic vocabulary about nature and the animals names in Slovak!
27 School and Classroom vocabulary in Slovak Learn the school, classroom and work vocabulary in Slovak with this lesson.
28 Work related vocabulary in Slovak Let´s have a look in the world of business with this lesson!
29 Slovak names for countries and languages Teach yourself how to name the nationalities, countries and languages in Slovak language!