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  • Colours in Slovak

    In this lesson you will learn the names of basic colours, you will find out how to name the Slovak flag colours and how to say the different colours of the hair too.

    Here are some useful words and phrases needed for this lesson:

    English Slovak
    a flag vlajka
    a colour farba
    colours farby
    a hair vlasy
    a gender rod
    What colour is it? Aká je to farba?
    It is... (red) colour. To je... (červená) farba.

    How to say the colours in Slovak

    In Slovak language, you can create variations of adjectives according to the gender of the noun. There are 3 genders:

    • "mužský rod" or masculine gender, typically with an affix "" (hned-ý = brown)
    • "ženský rod"  or feminine gender, typically with an affix "" (žlt-á = yellow)
    • "stredný rod" or neutral gender, typically with an affix "" (zelen-é = green)


    Let's have a look at the list of colours:

    English Slovak - masculine  
    yellow žltý banana
    orange oranžový orange
    pink ružový cake
    red červený pepper
    blue modrý bulb
    purple / violet fialový dice
    green zelený frog
    grey sivý elephant
    brown hnedý deer
    black čierny umbrella
    white biely  
    silver strieborný fork
    gold zlatý gold
    turquoise tyrkysový sea
    beige béžový camel

    Note that in "biely" and "čierny" the affix is short "-y" instead of "-ý". This applies also to feminine and neutral gender and Plural. (biel-a, not biel-á and biel-e, not biel-é).

    When creating Plural of the adjective, simply change the affix "-ý" for "-é" (sivý slon, siv-é slony = grey elephant, grey elephants)


    • biely dom (m.) = white house
    • zelená farba (f.) = green colour
    • modré nebo (n.) = blue sky
    • žlté banány (Pl.) = yellow bananas

    When you want to ask a person what is their favourite colour or to say yours, you will need this:

    English Slovak
    What is your favourite colour? Aká je tvoja obľúbená farba?
    My favourite colour is blue. Moja obľúbená farba je modrá.

    The colours of the Slovak flag

    The Slovak flag consists of 3 colours.

    Slovak Flag

    The 3 colours are: "biela, modrá, červená".

    • You need to know! The white double cross inside signifies the christian faith of Slovaks and the blue part represents 3 famous Slovak hills- Tatra, Matra, Fatra.

    Shades of colours

    When talking about colours, there are different shades which can be expressed by adding proverbs in front of the adjectives.

    English Slovak
    light svetlo
    dark tmavo


    • svetlo modrá = light blue
    • tmavo modrá = dark blue
    • svetlo zelená = light green
    • tmavo zelená = dark green


    How to say hair colours in Slovak?

    black hair

    "čierne vlasy"= black hair

    "Ona má čierne vlasy." = She has black hair.


    brown hair

    "hnedé vlasy"= brown hair

    "Ona má hnedé vlasy." = She has brown hair.

    blond hair"blond vlasy"= blonde hair

    "Ona má blond vlasy."= She has blonde hair.



    grey hair"sivé vlasy"= grey hair

    "Ona má sivé vlasy." = She has grey hair.



    Practice what you learned! There are exercises prepared for you to practice  the vocabulary! 


    The Colours in Slovak: Flashcards Exercise

    Drag the Slovak colours to the right box

    Multiple Choice Exercise: The Slovak Colours