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  • Talk about the weather in Slovak

    Let´s have a look into the weather vocabulary!

    Basic weather vocabulary

    Important nouns

    Let´s start with the basic nouns you will need to talk about the weather:

    English Slovak
    a weather počasie
    a sun slnko
    a moon mesiac
    stars hviezdy
    a cloud oblak
    a sky obloha
    a wind vietor
    a fog hmla
    a rain dážď
    a snow sneh
    a storm búrka
    a lightning blesk
    a thunder hrom


    Adverbs to decribe weather conditions

    And some most frequent adverbs:

    English Slovak
    warm teplo
    hot horúco
    cold zima
    sunny slnečno
    windy veterno
    rainy daždivo
    wet vlhko


    • Je zima. = It is cold.
    • Je teplo. = It is warm.
    • Je slnečno. = It is sunny.
    • Je veterno. = It is windy.

    How to talk about the weather in Slovak

    Here are some phrases you could use when talking about the weather:

    English Slovak
    It is raining. Prší.
    Is it raining? Prší?
    It is snowing. Sneží.
    I am freezing. Mrznem.
    I am sweating. Potím sa.
    Is it cold outside? Je vonku zima?
    Is it warm outside? Je vonku teplo?
    Is the sun shining? Svieti slnko?
    How is the weather today? Aké je dnes počasie?
    What is the temperature today? Aká je dnes teplota?
    What will the weather be like tomorrow? Aké bude zajtra počasie?


    Example dialog

    To recap this lesson, we made this example dialog:

    Adam: Čau, ideš von? (Hi, are you going out?)

    Martin: Neviem. Aké je dnes počasie? (I don´t know. How is the weather today?)

    Adam: Je veterno ale teplo. (It is windy, but warm.)

    Martin: Aká je dnes teplota? Svieti slnko? (What is the temperature today? Is the sun shining?)

    Adam: Je dvadsaťpäť stupňov a je slnečno. Vieš, aké bude počasie zajtra? (It is 25 degrees and sunny. Do you know what the weather will be like tomorrow?)

    Martin: Myslím, že bude pršať. Poďme von dnes. (I think it will rain tomorrow. Lets go out today.)


    Now let´s practice in the exercises we prepared for you!


    Drag the text example dialog about the weather exercise

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    Choose the right answer exercise on weather vocabulary