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  • Body parts and head parts in Slovak

    Let's continue with studying parts of the body and the face. We will provide you with useful adjectives to describe how the person looks like. Furthermore, you will get an insight into the conjugation of the verb to be - "byť" and to have - "mať".

    Parts of the body in Slovak

    Here is a picture showing few of the main body parts. You can find more words below the picture, in a table with vocabulary.

    Slovak body parts

    The vocabulary list:

    English Slovak
    a body telo
    a head hlava
    a neck krk
    a hand ruka
    a arm rameno
    an elbow lakeť
    a wrist zápästie
    a palm dlaň
    a belly brucho
    a chest hrudník
    a leg noha
    a thigh stehno
    a knee koleno
    an ankle členok
    a foot chodidlo
    a thumb palec
    a finger prst
    a blood krv
    a nail necht
    a butt zadok
    a skin koža
    a shoulder plece
    a back chrbát
    a toe prst na nohe
    a height výška
    muscles svaly
    bones kosti

    How to say parts of the head in Slovak

    Slovak parts of head

    Here is the list with vocabulary, which you can see in the picture.

    English Slovak
    a head hlava
    a face tvár
    a hair vlasy
    a forehead čelo
    an eyebrow obočie
    an eye, eyes oko, oči
    a nose nos
    an ear, ears ucho, uši
    a mouth ústa
    a tooth, teeth zub, zuby
    a chin brada
    a cheek líce
    a lash mihalnica
    a tongue jazyk


    Conjugation of the Slovak verb "byť"

    The most important verb in general is the verb "to be", in Slovak "byť". Describing how the person looks like is mainly expressed with this verb. Let's have a look at the conjugation itself!

    Person English Slovak
    1st singular I am ja som
    2nd singular you are ty si
    3rd singular he, she, it is on, ona, ono je

    Note that:

    • ja = I
    • ty = you
    • on = he
    • ona = she
    • ono = it
    Person English Slovak
    1st plural we are my sme
    2nd plural you are vy ste
    3rd plural they are oni, ony sú

    Note that:

    • my = we
    • vy = you (Plural/formal)
    • oni, ony = they

    enlightenedGood to remember:

    • Slovak language has both, singular and plural form of "you" 
    • "they" can be expressed in two ways: "oni" meaning they, men (or men and women together), "ony", meaning they, women (or children)
    • "ja" is not written in capital letters as "I" in English


    Conjugation of the Slovak verb "mať"

    Let´s have a look on conjugation of "to have" in Slovak!

    Person English Slovak
    1st singular I have ja mám
    2nd singular you have ty máš
    3rd singular he, she, it has on, ona, ono má


    Person English Slovak
    1st plural we have my máme
    2nd plural you have vy máte
    3rd plural they have oni majú


    Useful adjectives to describe the body

    Here is the list with the most common adjectives to describe the appearance and the character:

    English Slovak
    tall vysoký
    short nízky
    big veľký
    small malý
    thin tenký
    thick plný
    handsome, pretty pekný
    muscular svalnatý
    beautiful pekný
    attractive atraktívny
    bald holohlavý
    ordinary bežný
    fat tučný
    ugly škaredý
    strong silný
    funny zábavný
    stupid hlúpy
    smart múdry
    natural prírodný
    rich bohatý
    poor chudobný
    tired unavený
    tiny chudý, malý
    still pokojný
    dead mŕtvy

    Now, you are able to say how somebody looks like. With the simple verb "byť" and the adjective.

    enlightenedRemember, adjectives change with the gender of the noun/pronoun.

    • masculine gender with the affix ""
    • feminine gender with the affix ""
    • neutral gender with the affix ""

    Here are some examples:

    • Ona je prírodná. = She is natural.
    • On je pekný. = He is handsome.
    • Ty si atraktívny/a/e. = You are attractive.
    • Mačka je múdra. = The cat is smart.
    • Medveď je silný. = The bear is strong.
    • Buď pokojný. = Keep still.
    • Každý je unavený. = Everyone is tired.
    • Dieťa je malé. = The kid is small.
    • Moje oči sú modré. = My eyes are blue.
    • Moje vlasy sú blond. = My hair is blond.


    Example dialog

    Let´s recap this lesson in the dialog.

    Nina: Mám nového priateľa. (I have a new boyfriend.)

    Jana: Aký je? Opíš ho! (How is he? Describe him!)

    Nina: Je veľmi vysoký a svalnatý. Má hnedé vlasy a modré oči. (He is very tall and muscular. He has brown hair and blue eyes.)

    Jana: Je pekný? A čo jeho charakter? (Is he handsome? And what about his character?)

    Nina: Myslím, že je atraktívny. Povedala by som, že je zábavný a múdry. (I think he is attractive. I would say that he is funny and smart.)

    Jana: Neviem sa dočkať až ho stretnem! (I can not wait to meet him!)


    Now you are ready to practice!


    Fill in the blanks with the body parts

    Multiple choice exercise about the body parts in Slovak

    Exercise about body description