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  • In this lesson you will find the most useful words and phrases used in a restaurant! You will know how to read a Slovak menu, how to order the food and also how to ask for the bill.

    Not just in a restaurant you will need these two magic words:

    English Slovak
    Please. Prosím.
    Thank you. Ďakujem.


    How to read the menu

    Would you like to know what exactly is written in a menu?

    English Slovak
    a plate tanier
    a starter predjedlo
    a main dish hlavné jedlo
    a side dish príloha
    a dessert dezert, zákusok
    a soup polievka
    a salad šalát
    a first course prvý chod
    a main course hlavný chod
    a second course druhý chod
    Enjoy your meal! Dobrú chuť!

    To be able to understand all kinds of food and drinks, check our Food and Drinks in Slovak lesson!


    How to order the food in Slovak

    These are the phrases you can use or you will hear from your waiter:

    English Slovak

    Would you like to order?

    ​Chceli by ste si objednať?

    What would you like to order?

    Čo by ste si chceli objednať?

    What would you like to drink?

    Čo by ste chceli piť?

    ​What would you like to eat?

    Čo by ste chceli jesť?

    ​Have you chosen already?

    Už ste si vybrali?

    What did you choose?

    Čo ste si vybrali?

    I would like to order.

    ​Chcel by som si objednať.

    I chose...

    Vybral som si...

    ​I would like ...

    ​Chcel by som...

    May I have ..., please?

    Môžem mať ..., prosím?

    ​Could I ask you for the menu?

    ​Môžem vás poprosiť o menu?

    ​Could you, please, bring me the menu?

    ​Mohli by ste mi, prosím, doniesť jedálny lístok?

    ​Do you serve the dish with chiken?

    ​Servírujete jedlo s kuracinou?


    Here are also useful phrases if you have not chosen yet or you need some time before you decide:

    English Slovak

    One moment, please...

    Moment, prosím...

    I have not chosen yet.

    ​Ešte som si nevybral.

    I don't know yet.

    ​Ešte neviem.

    What would you recommend?

    Čo by ste mi odporučili?

    What is the daily offer?

    Aké je denné menu?

    ​I am allergic to diary products.

    ​Som alergický na mliečne výrobky.


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    How to ask for the bill in Slovak

    English Slovak
    a bill účet
    a tip sprepitné, tringelt

    I would like to pay.

    Rád by som zaplatil.

    Can I pay, please?

    Môžem zaplatiť?

    The bill, please.

    Účet, prosím.




    separately osobitne

    ​I take the whole bill.

    ​Zoberiem celý účet.

    We want to pay separately.

    Chceme platiť oddelene.


    Example dialog

    Ján: Môžem vás poprosiť o menu? (Can I ask you for the menu?)

    WaiterNech sa páči. (Here you go!)         


    Waiter: Už ste si vybrali? (Did you choose already?)

    Ján: Ešte som si nevybral. Čo by ste mi odporučili? (I have not chosen yet. What would you recommend me?)

    WaiterAko predjedlo chlieb s cesnakom. Chceli by ste mäso alebo rybu? Výborné hlavné jedlo je napríklad jahňacie s rajčinami a ryžou. (As a starter, the bread with garlic. Would you like meat or fish? The delicious main course is the lamb with tomatoes and the rice.)

    Ján: Hmm, to znie výborne. Aké je denné menu? (Hmmm, that sounds great. What is the daily special?)

    WaiterDenné menu je brokolicová polievka a cestovina s kuracím mäsom a smotanou. (The daily special is brocolli soup and pasta with chicken and cream.)

    JánDám si jahňacie. A aký máte dezert? (I will have the lamb. What kind of dessert you have?)

    WaiterMáme výbornú čokoládovú zmrzlinu alebo čerešňový koláč. (We have a delicious chocolate ice cream or a cherry pie.)

    Ján: Dám si čerešňový koláč. Som alergický na mliečne výrobky. (I will have the cherry pie. I am allergic to dairy products.)

    Waiter: Dobrý výber, pane. (Good choice, sir.)


    Waiter: Nech sa páči. Dobrú chuť. (Here you go. Enjoy your meal.)

    Ján: Ďakujem. Chcel by som zaplatiť, prosím. (Thank you. I would like to pay, please.)

    WaiterTu je váš účet. Hotovosťou alebou kreditnou kartou? (Here is your bill. By cash or by credit card?)

    Ján: Kreditnou kartou. Ďakujem. (By credit card.Thank you.)


    Congrats! Now you are able to order the food in Slovak! Let´s practice it in the exercises!