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  • This lesson will teach you how to name the tops, bottoms, accessories and other clothing elements in Slovak. Let´s start!

    Top clothing in Slovak

    The t-shirts, blouses, jackets? Find everything in Slovak here:

    English Slovak
    a t-shirt tričko
    a blouse blúzka
    a shirt košeľa
    a top top
    a jacket bunda
    a winter jacket zimná bunda
    a raincoat pršiplášť
    a sweater sveter
    a hoodie mikina
    a turtleneck rolák
    a coat kabát


    Bottom clothing in Slovak

    Here you can find everything you wear below the waist:

    English Slovak
    trousers nohavice
    jeans rifle
    a skirt sukňa
    a dress šaty
    a suit oblek
    shorts kraťase


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    It is clothing for your feet.

    English Slovak
    shoes topánky
    high heels topánky na vysokom opätku
    flip-flops žabky
    boots čižmy
    sneakers tenisky
    sandals sandále
    slippers papuče



    Every outfit needs a finishing touch:

    English Slovak
    a handbag kabelka
    a belt opasok
    a tie kravata
    a winter hat čiapka
    a hat klobúk
    sunglasses slnečné okuliare
    a ring prsteň
    a necklace náhrdelník
    a bracelet náramok
    earings náušnice
    a scarf šatka
    gloves rukavice



    English Slovak
    clothes oblečenie
    an underwear spodná bielizeň
    a bra podprsenka
    panties nohavičky
    socks ponožky
    a swimsuit plavky
    a brand značka
    a fashion móda


    Talking about clothes

    Oh how we love it!

    English Slovak
    I wear... Nosím...
    Today I have to wash my clothes. Dnes si musím oprať oblečenie.
    Where did you buy the blouse? Kde si kúpila tú blúzku?
    Where did you buy that top? Kde si kúpila tento top?
    How much does it cost? Koľko to stojí?
    new / old nový / starý
    nice / ugly pekný / škaredý
    expensive / cheap drahý / lacný


    Example dialog

    Jana: Oh, aká pekná blúzka! Je nová? Kde si kúpila tú blúzku? (Oh, such a nice blouse? Is it new? Where did you buy the blouse?)

    Alena: Je nová a drahá. V centre je nový módny obchod. (It is new and expensive. There is a new fashion store in the city centre.)

    Jana: Ja som si včera kúpila nové šaty, sukňu a tričko. Dnes musím oprať toto oblečenie. (I bought new dress, skirt and t-shirt yesterday. Today I have to wash these clothes.)

    Alena: Čo budeš nosiť zajtra? (What you will wear tomorrow?)

    Jana: Budem nosiť starý rolák, nohavice a kabelku. (I will wear old turtleneck, trousers and handbag.)


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