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  • Nature and animals names in Slovak

    We are very proud on our beautiful nature in Slovakia! In this lesson we will provide you with the basic nature vocabulary as well as animals names. 

    Vocabulary to talk about the nature                             

    English Slovak
    a nature príroda
    a tree strom
    a mountain hora
    a flower kvet
    an earth zem
    a fire oheň
    a wood drevo
    a water voda
    a hole diera
    a source prameň
    an air vzduch
    a lake jazero
    a sea more
    a wave vlna
    a beach pláž
    a forrest les
    a stone kameň
    quiet tichý
    a cave jaskyňa
    a world svet
    a meadow močiar
    an island ostrov
    a cloud oblak
    a sky obloha, nebo
    a field pole
    to bloom kvitnúť
    to shine svietiť


    Example sentences

    • Kvety kvitnú. = The flowers are blooming.
    • Slnko svieti. = The sun is shining.
    • V horách je veľmi dobrý vzduch. = The air in the mountains is very good.
    • Na oblohe nie sú oblaky. = There are no clouds in the sky.


    Animals names in Slovak

    We have divided the animals in few categories:

    • pets
    • farm animals
    • wild animals
    • forest animals
    • insects


    English Slovak
    a dog pes
    a cat mačka
    a rabbit, a bunny zajac
    a hamster škrečok
    a fish ryba
    a guinea pig morské prasa


    Farm animals

    English Slovak
    a cow krava
    a pig prasa
    a goat koza
    a sheep ovca
    a horse kôň
    a chicken kura
    a duck kačica
    a goose hus
    a mouse myš


    Wild animals

    English Slovak
    a giraffe žirafa
    a lion lev
    an elephant slon
    a tiger tiger
    a pinguin tučniak
    a seal tuleň
    a zebra zebra


    Forest animals

    These animals live in Slovakia´s numerous forests and mountains:        

    English Slovak
    a squirrel veverica
    a fox líška
    a deer jeleň
    a boar diviak
    a wolf vlk
    a bear medveď
    a mountain goat kamzík
    an owl sova
    a snake had
    a frog žaba
    a bird vták



    English Slovak
    an ant mravec
    a spider pavúk
    a butterfly motýľ
    a bee včela
    a fly mucha


    Talking about animals

    Here you have some useful phrases when talking about animals:

    English Slovak
    Do you have any pets? Máš nejaké domáce zvieratá?
    No, I don´t have any pets. Nie, nemám žiadne domáce zvieratá.
    Yes, I have a dog. Áno, mám psa.
    Are you afraid of ...? Bojíš sa...?
    No, I am not afraid of.... Nie, nebojím sa....


    Now you are familiar with the nature and animals in Slovak! Let´s practice in the exercises prepared for you!


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