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  • I love you in Slovak

    This lesson will teach you how to say "I love you" and express other feelings to the person. You will find here also useful dating and wedding vocabulary.

    How to say I love you and other feelings in Slovak

    These phrases can mean a world to someone:

    English Slovak
    a love láska
    I love you. Ľúbim ťa.
    I love you. Milujem ťa.
    I adore you. Zbožňujem ťa.
    I like you. Mám ťa rád.
    I like you very much. Mám ťa veľmi rád.
    very much veľmi
    happy šťastný
    I can´t live without you. Nemôžem bez teba žiť.
    You make me happy. Robíš ma šťastným.
    You mean the world to me. Znamenáš pre mňa celý svet.
    You mean everything to me. Znamenáš pre mňa všetko.
    I am into you. Som do teba.
    She is beautiful. Ona je krásna.
    He is a real charmer. On je šarmantný.
    I am into you. Som do teba.

    Note that in Slovak language there are two versions of "I love you" - "Ľúbim ťa" a "Milujem ťa". They are not the same. We use "Milujem ťa" only if its very serious and it express the strongest love. 


    How to call your boyfriend / girlfriend in Slovak

    Here are some cute names you can call your significant other:

    English Slovak
    a princess princezná
    a sweetheart zlatko
    an angel anjel
    a darling miláčik
    a lovebug chrobáčik
    my love moja láska


    Dating / wedding vocabulary

    English Slovak
    a girlfriend priateľka
    a boyfriend priateľ
    a date rande
    Shall we go out together? Pôjdeme spolu von?
    Do you want to date me? Chceš so mnou chodiť?
    a broke-up rozchod
    Kiss me. Pobozkaj ma.
    a kiss bozk
    a husband manžel
    a wife manželka
    a fiancé snúbenec
    a fiancée snúbenica
    Will you marry me? Vydáš sa za mňa?
    a wedding svatba
    a divorce rozvod


    Example dialog

    Let´s recap this lesson in an example dialog!

    Ján: Ahoj, zlatko. Si krásna. (Hi, sweetheart. You are beautiful.)

    Monika: Ahoj, miláčik. Ďakujem. Robíš ma šťastnou. (Hi, darling. You make me happy.)

    Ján: Mám ťa veľmi rád. Chceš so mnou chodiť? (I like you very much. Do you want to date me?)

    Monika: Áno. Som do teba a myslím, že ťa ľúbim! (Yes. I am into you and I think I love you!)


    Now you are ready to express your feelings and practice with our exercises!


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