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  • Introducing yourself in Estonian

    Do you know how to introduce yourself in Estonian? coLanguage is here to teach you the most important phrases when it comes to talking about yourself and getting to know others as well. 

    'My name is' in Estonian

    To begin with, let's find out how to say your name and ask someone else the same thing.

    English Estonian
    Name Nimi
    Surname / Family name Perekonnanimi
    Nickname Hüüdnimi
    My name is ... Minu nimi on ...
    What is your name? Mis sinu/teie nimi on?
    What is your last name? Mis sinu/teie perekonnanimi on?
    I am .. Mina olen ...
    Who are you? Kes sina oled / teie olete?

    enlightened After talking to someone new it's always polite to end the conversation with  'Nice to meet you'. There are two ways of saying it in Estonian: 1)  'Meeldiv tutvuda' 2) Väga meeldiv'

    Saying your age and birthday in Estonian

    English Estonian
    Age Vanus
    How old are you? Kui vana sina oled?
    I am 21 years old Ma olen 21-aastane
    When is your birthday? Millal su sünnipäev on?
    My birthday is on 8 November Mu sünnipäev on 8. novembril
    When were you born? Millal sa sündisid?
    I was born on November 8, 1994 Ma sündisin 8. novembril 1994. aastal

    enlightened Notice how it's possible to shorten the word 'Sina' (you) -> 'Sa'. It can be done with all of the personal pronouns. 

    'Where are you from?' in Estonian

    In this section we will learn how to say where are you from, where do you live etc.

    English Estonian
    Where are you from? Kust sa pärit oled?
    I am from Estonia Ma olen Eestist pärit
    Where do you live? Kus sa elad?
    I live in Estonia Ma elan Eestis
    What is your nationality? Mis rahvusest sa oled?
    I am Estonian Ma olen eestlane

    enlightened Instead of using prepositions Estonians change the ending of the word. E.g 'I live in London' -> 'Ma elan Londonis'

    Also notice, that the names of the places start with a capital letter. However, nationalities are written with a small letter.

    Sharing facts about your life and current situation

    Here are a few sentences that will help you tell more about your life (marital status, occupation etc.)

    English Estonian
    What is your profession? Mis su/te amet on?
    What do you do for a living? Kellena sa töötad / te töötate?
    My profession is .. Mu amet on ...
    I work as a ... Ma töötan ...
    I am unemployed Ma olen töötu
    I am a student Ma olen õpilane
    I am single Ma olen vallaline
    I am married Ma olen abielus
    I am in a relationship Ma olen suhtes


    Example professions

    In the list below you can find the most common professions in Estonian.

    English Estonian
    A doctor Arst
    A waiter/waitress Ettekandja
    A teacher Õpetaja
    An actor/actress Näitleja
    A chef Kokk
    A bus driver Bussijuht
    An engineer Insener
    A hairdresser Juuksur


    Sharing your contact information in Estonian

    English Estonian
    Contact information Kontaktandmed
    What is your address? Mis su/te aadress on?
    My address is ... Mu aadress on ...
    What is your e-mail address? Mis su/te e-maili aadress on?
    My e-mail address is ... Mu e-maili aadress on ...
    What is your phone number? Mis su telefoninumber on?
    My phone number is ... Mu number on ...


    Example dialogue

    Mihkel: Mis su nimi on? --- What is your name?

    Malle: Minu nimi on Malle, aga sinu? --- My name is Malle, and yours?

    Mihkel: Ma olen Mihkel. Kust sa pärit oled? --- I am Mihkel. Where are you from?

    Malle: Ma olen pärit Madridist, aga ma elan Tallinnas. Ja sina? --- I am from Madrid but I am living in Tallinn. And you?

    Mihkel: Mina olen pärit Londonist, aga elan Pariisis. --- I am from London but I am living in Paris. 

    Malle: Millal su sünnipäev on? --- When is your birthday? 

    Mihkel: Mu sünnipäev on 9. mail. Millal sa sündisid? --- My birthday is on 9 May. When were you born?

    Malle: Ma sündisin 23. märtsil 1992. aastal. --- I was born on 23 March in 1992.

    Mihkel: Mis su telefoni number on? --- What is your phone number?

    Malle: Mu number on 00 372 55 921 292.  --- My number is ...

    Mihkel: Aitäh! Oli meeldiv tutvuda! Kena päeva jätku! --- Thank you! It was nice to meet you! Have a nice day!

    Malle: Head aega! --- Goodbye


    Exercise: Using the right phrases to introduce yourself

    Excercise: Professions in Estonian