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  • Body parts in Estonian

    You have already learned how to describe someone's personality, so now it's time to find out how to describe the appearance. In this lesson you will study the parts of the body and the face and also many useful adjectives.

    Parts of the body in Estonian

    Let's start by learning the body parts. 

    Body parts

    English Estonian
    Head Pea
    Neck Kael
    Shoulder, shoulders Õlg, õlad
    Arm, arms Käsi, käed
    Hand, hands Käelaba, käelabad
    Finger, fingers Sõrm, sõrmed
    Breast, breasts Rind, rinnad
    Stomach Kõht
    Back Selg
    Hip, hips Puus, puusad
    Leg, legs Jalg, jalad
    Thigh, thighs Reis, reied
    Knee, knees Põlv, põlved
    Calf, calves Säär, sääred
    Foot, feet Jalalaba, jalalabad
    Toe, toes Varvas, varbad
    Butt Tagumik
    Muscle, muscles Lihas, lihased
    Bone, bones Luu, luud
    Skin Nahk


    Parts of the face in Estonian

    Now we will continue this lesson with the vocabulary concerning the parts of the face. 


    English Estonian
    Hair Juuksed
    Face Nägu
    Ear, ears Kõrv, kõrvad
    Forehead Otsmik
    Eyebrow, eyebrows Kulm, kulmud
    Eye, eyes Silm, silmad
    Eyelashes Ripsmed
    Nose Nina
    Cheek, cheeks Põsk, põsed
    Mouth Suu
    Tooth, teeth Hammas, hambad
    Smile Naeratus
    Chin Lõug


    Adjectives to describe someone in Estonian

    In the table below you can study the adjectives that will help you give an accurate description of a person.

    English Estonian (singular, plural)
    Body type Kehaehitus
    Tall / long Pikk, pikad
    Short Lühike, lühikesed
    Of average height Keskmist kasvu
    Fat / Thick Paks, paksud
    Thin Kõhn (about body), õhukesed (about hair)
    Curly Lokkis
    Straight Sirged
    Slim Sale
    Athletic Sportlik
    Big Suur, suured
    Small Väike, väikesed
    Pale  Kahvatu 
    Tanned Päevitunud
    Old Vana
    Young Noor
    Beautiful Ilus, ilusad
    Nice Kena, kenad
    Ugly Kole, koledad


    Describing someone's appearance in Estonian

    Here you will learn how to ask about someone's appearance. 

    English Estonian
    Appearance Välimus
    Please describe her appearance Palun kirjelda tema välimust
    How does she look like? Kuidas ta välja näeb?
    Does she have ... ? Kas tal on ... ?
    Is she ... ? Kas ta on ... ?


    How to conjugate 'to have' in Estonian?

        English Estonian
    Singular 1st I have Mul on
      2nd You have Sul on
      3rd He/She/It has Tal on
    Plural 1st We have Meil on
      2nd You have Teil on
      3rd They have Neil on


    How to conjugate 'to be' in Estonian?

        English Estonian
    Singular 1st I am Mina/Ma olen
      2nd You are Sina/Sa oled
      3rd He/She/it is Tema/Ta on
    Plural 1st We are Meie/Me oleme
      2nd You are Teie/Te olete
      3rd They are Nemad/Nad on


    Example dialogues

    Tiia: Kuidas Margot välja näeb? --- How does Margot look like?

    Eleri: Margot on sale ja päevitunud. Tal on lühikesed blondid juuksed ja suured sinised silmad. --- Margot is slim and tanned. She has short blonde hair and big blue eyes.

    Tiia: Kas ta on pikk? --- Is she tall?

    Eleri: Ei ole, ta on keskmist kasvu. --- No, she is of average height.


    Marek: Palun kirjelda oma välimust. --- Please describe your appearance.

    Kaspar: Mul on sportlik kehaehitus ja ma olen üsna pikk. Mul on tumedad juuksed ja väikesed kõrvad. --- I have an athletic body type and I am quite tall. I have dark hair and small ears. 

    Marek: Kas sa oled kena? --- Are you nice? 

    Kaspar: Ma arvan küll. --- I think so.  


    Martin: Kuidas Aleksander välja näeb? --- How does Aleksander look like?

    Alice: Aleksander on väga ilus. Tal on valged hambad ja sinised silmad. --- Aleksander is very handsome. He has white teeth and blue eyes.

    Martin: Kas ta on kõhn? --- Is he thin?

    Alice: Ei, ta on sportlik ja tal on suured musklid. --- No, he is athletic and he has big muscles.


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