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  • Describing people and characters in Estonian

    In this lesson you will learn how to describe the character of a person. 

    Adjectives to describe characters in Estonian

    English Estonian
    Smart Tark
    Intelligent Intelligentne
    Clever Kaval
    Stupid Loll
    Kind Lahke
    Mean Õel
    Evil Kuri
    Thoughtful Mõtlik
    Smiling Rõõmsameelne
    Serious Tõsine
    Crazy Hull
    Polite Viisakas
    Impolite Ebaviisakas
    Rude Taktitu
    Amiable Meeldiv
    Brave Vapper
    Confident Enesekindel
    Curious Uudishimulik
    Sensitive Tundlik
    Arrogant Ülbe
    Open minded Avameelne
    Clumsy Kohmakas
    Shy Häbelik
    Lazy Laisk
    Strong Tugev
    Weak Nõrk
    Friendly Sõbralik
    Funny Naljakas
    Humorous Humoorikas
    Chatty Jutukas
    Quiet Vaikne


    How to describe people in Estonian?

    In the table below you can find out how to ask about someone's personality.

    English Estonian
    What is he/she like? Milline ta on?
    How would you describe his/her character? Kuidas sa kirjeldaksid tema iseloomu?
    Is she nice? Kas ta on kena?

    Now let's have a look how to answer the questions above using personal pronouns.

    English Estonian
    I am ... Mina olen ...
    You are ... Sina oled ...
    He/She is ... Tema on ...
    We are ... Meie oleme ...
    You are ... Teie olete ...
    They are ... Nemad on ...

    enlightened In Estonian all the adjectives are neutral (there is no masculine or feminine gender). However, the adjective has to be changed according to the plural form. 


    Ta on sõbralik ja avameelne. Mõnikord võib ta tunduda tõsine, aga ta on lihtsalt mõtlik. 

    She is friendly and open-minded. Sometimes she might seem serious, but she is just thoughtful.


    Ma olen tark ja viisakas. Mõnikord olen ka natuke hull, aga ma pole taktitu. 

    I am smart and polite. Sometimes I am a little crazy, but I am not rude.


    Me oleme rõõmsameelsed ja naljakad. Lisaks oleme enesekindlad, aga natuke laisad

    We are smiling and funny. Also we are confident, but a little lazy. 


    yes Continue to the exercises to practice describing people in Estonian.


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