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  • Colours in Estonian

    In this lesson you will learn the names of the basic colours in Estonian. In addition, you will find out how you can use them to describe items and people. 

    List of colours in Estonian

    Colours don't have a gender in Estonian and they can be used the same way for both males and females. However, when the noun is plural then the colour also has to be in the plural form.

    Colour Estonian (singular, plural)
    black Black Must, mustad
    grey Grey Hall, hallid
    white White Valge, valged
    blue Blue Sinine, sinised
    turquoise Turquoise Türkiis, türkiisid
    green Green Roheline, rohelised
    yellow Yellow Kollane, kollased
    orange Orange Oranž, oranžid
    red Red Punane, punased
    pink Pink Roosa, roosad
    purple Purple Lilla, lillad
    brown Brown Pruun, pruunid
    silver Silver Hõbedane, hõbedased
    golden Golden Kuldne, kuldsed
    beige Beige Beež, beežid


    • See maja on hall --- This house is grey.
    • Mu särk on roosa --- My shirt is pink.
    • Apelsinid on oranžid --- Oranges are orange.
    • Viinamarjad on lillad --- Grapes are purple.


    Shades of colours: light and dark

    Notice that in Estonian, 'hele' and 'tume' are written together with the name of the colour.

    Colour Estonian
    light red Light red Helepunane
    dark red Dark red Tumepunane
    light blue Light blue Helesinine
    dark blue Dark blue Tumesinine


    Hair colours in Estonian

    blondeBlonde = Blond 

    She has blonde hair = Tal on blondid juuksed

    She is blonde = Ta on blond


    redheadRedhead = Punapea

    She has red hair = Tal on punased juuksed

    She is a redhead = Ta on punapea


    brownhairBrown hair = Pruunid juuksed

    She has brown hair = Tal on pruunid juuksed

    She is a brunette = Ta on brünett


    blackhairBlack hair = Mustad juuksed

    She has black hair = Tal on mustad juuksed

    She is dark-haired = Ta on tumedapäine


    greyhairGrey hair = Hallid juuksed

    She has grey hair = Tal on hallid juuksed

    She is grey-haired = Ta on hallipäine


    The colours of the Estonian flag

    The Estonian flag has 3 colours:

    estonianflag Blue = Sinine

     Black = Must

     White = Valge

    Estonian flag is blue-black-white = Eesti lipp on sini-must-valge


    How to ask what colour is this in Estonian?

    English Estonian
    What colour is this? Mis värvi see on?
    This is ... See on ...
    Do you have this in another colour? Kas seda on teist värvi?


    Example dialogue

    Karmen: Mis värvi see pluus on? --- What colour is this shirt?

    Sten: See pluus on kollane. --- This shirt is yellow.

    Karmen: Kas seda on teist värvi ka? --- Do you also have this in another colour?

    Sten: Jah, meil on ka punast, sinist ja musta. --- Yes, we also have it in red, blue and black.

    Karmen: Kas sinine on hele või tume? --- Is the blue light or dark?

    Sten: See on helesinine. --- This is light blue.


    yes Now continue to the exercises to practice the colours in Estonian!


    Exercise: Memory game with Estonian colours

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