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  • Travel and transportation in Estonian


    1. Exercise: travel and transportation vocabulary Score -/-
    2. Exercise: holiday and tourism Score -/-

    Do you like traveling? In this lesson we will learn the vocabulary related to transportation, tourism and traveling so you could enjoy your holiday in Estonia!

    Modes of transport


    English Estonian
    Car Auto
    Taxi Takso
    Bus Buss
    Train Rong
    Tram Tramm
    Metro Metroo
    Ferry Praam
    Ship Laev
    Bicycle Jalgratas
    Motorbike Mootorratas
    Scooter Roller
    To drive / ride Sõitma
    To go Minema

    enlightened In Estonian the verbs 'Sõitma' (to drive/ride) and 'Minema' (to go) are used with all transportation modes except for aircraft. 


    • Me sõidame sinna autoga. --- We are driving there by car.
    • Mu õde läheb bussiga. --- My sister is taking the bus.
    • Mootorrattaga sõitmine on ohtlik. --- Driving the motorbike is dangerous.


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    Air transportation


    English Estonian
    Plane Lennuk
    Airport Lennujaam
    Flight Lend
    To fly Lendama
    Arrival Saabumine
    Departure Väljumine
    Luggage Pagas
    Baggage claim Saabuv pagas
    Suitcase Kohver
    Hand luggage Käsipagas
    Ticket Pilet
    Boarding pass Pardakaart
    Gate Värav
    Passport Pass
    Customs Toll


    • Kuidas ma saan lennujaama? --- How do I get to the airport?
    • Kus on piletikassa? --- Where is the ticket office?
    • Mis kell lend väljub? --- What time does the flight depart?



    More vocabulary related to transport

    English Estonian
    Traffic Liiklus
    Traffic jam (Liiklus)ummik
    Highway Kiirtee
    Road Tee
    Gasoline Bensiin
    Gas station Bensiinijaam
    Map Kaart
    Wheel Ratas
    Brake Pidur
    Railway Raudtee
    Kilometre Kilomeeter


    • Autol on neli ratast. --- The car has four wheels.
    • Kaardi järgi on see siit 5 kilomeetri kaugusel. --- According to the map it's 5 kilometres from here.
    • Kas tee peal on mõni bensiinijaam? --- Is there a gas station on the way?


    Holiday vocabulary


    English Estonian
    Vacation Puhkus
    Trip Reis
    Sea Meri
    Cruise Kruiis
    Beach Rand
    Sand Liiv
    Swimming pool Bassein
    To sunbathe Päevitama
    Sunscreen Päikesekreem
    Sunburn Päikesepõletus
    Massage Massaaž


    • Mulle meeldivad liivased rannad. --- I like sandy beaches.
    • Sa peaksid alati kasutama päikesekreemi. --- You should always use sunscreen.
    • Ma olen puhkusel. --- I am on a vacation.


    Hotel and reservations


    English Estonian
    Resort Kuurort
    Hotel Hotell
    Hostel Hostel
    Room Tuba
    Single room Üheinimese tuba
    Double room Kaheinimese tuba
    Shared bathroom Ühine vannituba
    Toilet Tualett / WC
    Air conditioner Konditsioneer
    Balcony Rõdu
    Sea-view Merevaade
    Reservation Broneering
    Key Võti
    Towel Rätik


    • Kas mõni tuba on saadaval? --- Is there still a room available?
    • Mis kell on check-in/out? --- At what time is check-in/out?
    • Teie toa number on 323. --- Your room number is 323.


    yes Train your skills with the exercises and have a nice vacation in Estonia!