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  • 1 Estonian alphabet
  • 2 Estonian pronunciation
  • 3 Estonian keyboard and how to type letters
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  • 5 Introducing yourself in Estonian [0/2]
  • 6 Telling the time in Estonian [0/2]
  • 7 Numbers and counting in Estonian [0/3]
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  • Asking for directions in Estonian


    1. Exercise: Giving directions Score -/-
    2. Exercise: Asking for directions Score -/-
    3. Exercise: Directions vocabulary Score -/-

    deadendAlthough Estonia is a small country, it is still easy to get lost in a new place. In this lesson we will learn how to ask for directions and find the places that you wish to explore.

    Estonian words for directions

    In the table below you can find out the basic vocabulary related to directions in Estonian.

    English Estonian
    Right Parem
    On the right Paremal
    Left Vasak
    On the left Vasakul
    Next to Kõrval
    Across Üle
    Straight Otse
    Next Järgmine
    At the end Lõpus
    Street Tänav
    Crossroad Ristmik
    Roundabout Ringtee
    In front of Ees
    Behind Taga
    Far Kaugel
    Close Lähedal
    Traffic lights Valgusfoor
    Dead end Tupik
    Traffic Liiklus
    Traffic jam Liiklusummik


    Asking for directions

    Now let's learn how to ask for directions.

    English Estonian
    Excuse me Vabandage
    Where is ... ? Kus asub ...?
    How far is ... ? Kui kaugel ... on ?
    Do you know where I can find ... ? Kas te teate, kust ma võiksin leida ...?
    How do I get to ... ? Kuidas ma ... saan?
    What is the name of the street? Mis tänava nimi on?



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    Giving directions

    The verbs 'minema' (to go) and 'pöörama' (to turn) are given in the polite form.

    English Estonian
    Go straight Minge otse
    Turn left Pöörake vasakule
    Turn right Pöörake paremale
    It's behind the house See on maja taga
    It's in front of the house See on maja ees
    It's 5 minutes / 500m from here See on siit 5 minuti / 500 meetri kaugusel
    Cross the street / bridge Minge üle tee / silla
    Walk until you see ... Kõnni kuni sa näed ...
    You're there Oled kohal



    Places of interest

    There are many interesting places that you might want to visit in Estonia. We made a list of the important places that you'll most likely need to know.

    English Estonian
    City Linn
    City centre Kesklinn
    Old town Vanalinn
    Village Küla
    Market Turg
    Store Pood
    Supermarket Supermarket
    Shopping centre Kaubanduskeskus
    University Ülikool
    Harbour Sadam
    Airport Lennujaam
    Train station Rongijaam
    Bus station Bussijaam
    Square Väljak / Plats
    Town hall Raekoda
    Bridge Sild
    River  Jõgi
    Sea Meri
    Church Kirik
    Castle Loss
    Beach Rand
    Hospital Haigla
    Farmacy Apteek
    Restaurant Restoran


    Cardinal points in Estonian

    Also, let's have a look at the cardinal points. 


    English Estonian
    North Põhi
    South Lõuna
    East Ida
    West Lääs
    North-East Kirre
    South-East Kagu
    South-West Edel 
    North-West Loe

    enlightened If you want to refer to a part of the country then the cardinal point has to be declined in the accusative case.

    E.g Põhja-Eesti (Northern Estonia); Lääne-Euroopa (Western Europe)


    yes Congratulations! Now you don't have to worry about getting lost. Train your skills with our exercises!