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  • Birthday wishes and congratulations in Estonian

    What could be more fun than a party? In this chapter you will learn many words and phrases related to parties and festivities. Also, you will find out how to wish Happy Birthday to someone in Estonian. 

    Happy Birthday in Estonian

    English Estonian
    Birthday Sünnipäev
    Happy Birthday! Palju õnne sünnipäevaks!
    I wish you all the best! Ma soovin sulle kõike parimat!
    I wish you a lot of love, happiness, success! Ma soovin sulle palju armastust, õnne, edu!
    Congratulations! Õnnesoovid!


    Party vocabulary and phrases


    English Estonian
    Party Pidu
    Celebration Tähistamine
    Invitation Kutse
    Gift Kingitus
    Cake Kook / Tort
    Candles Küünlad
    Music Muusika
    Entertainment Meelelahutus
    Game Mäng
    To dance Tantsima
    Fun Lõbu
    Garden party Aiapidu
    To grill Grillima
    Let's have a party! Teeme peo!
    Who did you invite? Kelle sa kutsusid?
    Who is coming to the party? Kes peole tuleb?
    I invite all of my friends Ma kutsun kõik oma sõbrad
    What do you want for your birthday? Mis sa sünnipäevaks tahad?
    What will you give her as a present? Mis sa talle kingid?

    cake  cake  cake  cake  cake

    How to say cheers in Estonian


    Estonians like to celebrate and they raise their glasses with almost every shot they take. So let's learn how to say cheers!

    English Estonian
    Cheers Terviseks
    A shot Pits
    To drink Jooma
    A toast Toost
    To have a toast Toosti ütlema
    To raise one's glass to someone/something Klaasi tõstma kellegi/millegi terviseks

     drink drink drink drink drink


    Example dialogue

    Martina: Homme on su sünnipäev. Teeme peo! --- Tomorrow is your birthday. Let's have a party!

    Kaur: Hea mõte! --- Good idea!

    Martina: Kelle sa peole kutsud? --- Who will you invite to the party?

    Kaur: Ma kutsun kõik oma sõbrad. --- I invite all of my friends.

    Martina: Kas pidu toimub su kodus? --- Will the party be at your house? 

    Kaur: Tuleb aiapidu. Me grillime, tantsime ja mängime mänge. --- It will be a garden party. We will have a barbeque, dance and play games.

    Martina: Super! Näeme homme! --- Great! See you tomorrow!


    yes Do the exercises to practice vocabulary and next time celebrate together with the Estonians! 


    Exercise: Party vocabulary

    Exercise: Party conversation