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  • What could be more important than the family? In this lesson we learn how to talk about your family members in Estonian.

    Immediate family

    English Estonian
    My family Minu perekond
    Parents Vanemad
    Mother Ema
    Father Isa
    Child, children Laps, lapsed
    Sister Õde
    Brother Vend
    Daughter Tütar
    Son Poeg
    Husband/Wife Abikaasa

    enlightened The same word is used for both husband and wife.

    Close relatives

    English Estonian
    Grandparents Vanavanemad
    Grandfather Vanaisa
    Grandmother Vanaema
    Grandchildren Lapselapsed
    Grandson (the son of your son) Pojapoeg
    Grandson (the son of your daughter) Tütrepoeg
    Granddaughter (the daughter of your son) Pojatütar
    Granddaughter (the daughter of your daughter) Tütretütar
    Great grandfather Vanavanaema
    Great grandmother Vanavanaema
    Uncle Onu
    Aunt Tädi
    Cousin Nõbu
    Nephew (the son of your brother) Vennapoeg
    Nephew (the son of your sister) Õepoeg
    Niece (the daughter of your brother) Vennatütar
    Niece (the daughter of your sister) Õetütar


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    The in-laws are the members of the family of your spouse or via marriage in your family. 

    English Estonian
    Father-in-law (the father of your spouse) Äi
    Mother-in-law (the mother of your spouse) Ämm
    Son-in-law (the husband of your daughter) Väimees
    Daughter-in-law (the wife of your son) Minia
    Brother-in-law (the husband of your sister) Õemees
    Sister-in-law (the wife of your brother) Vennanaine



    The stepfamily

    English Estonian
    Stepfather Kasuisa
    Stepmother Kasuema
    Stepson Kasupoeg
    Stepdaughter Kasutütar
    Stepbrother Kasuvend
    Stepsister Kasuõde
    Half-brother Poolvend
    Half-sister Poolõde


    Other useful expressions 

    In the table below you can learn how to ask about someone's family and how to describe yours.

    English Estonian
    Tell me about your family Räägi mulle oma perest
    Describe your family Kirjelda oma peret
    Do you have any brothers or sisters? Kas sul on õdesid või vendi?
    I have one sister Mul on üks õde
    My parents are divorced Mu vanemad on lahutatud
    My parents are married Mu vanemad on abielus
    Together Koos
    He/she is single Ta on vallaline
    My father's name is X Mu isa nimi on X
    My mother is X years old Mu ema on X aastat vana


    Example dialogue

    Teele: Räägi mulle oma perest. --- Describe me your family.

    Lauri: Meid on kokku kuus: mina, ema, isa, kaks õde ja üks vend. --- There's six of us: me, mother, father, two sisters and one brother.

    Teele: Mis su vanemate nimed on? --- What are the names of your parents?

    Lauri: Mu isa nimi on Mihkel ja ema nimi on Maarika. --- My father's name is Mihkel and my mother's name is Maarika.

    Teele: Kui vanad su õed ja vend? --- How old are your sisters and brother?

    Lauri: Üks õde on 13 aastat vana, teine on 15 aastat vana ja mu vend on 6 aastat vana. --- One sister is 13 years old, the other is 15 and my brother is 6.

    Teele: Kas su vanemad on abielus? --- Are your parents married?

    Lauri: Ei, nad ei ole abielus, aga nad on koos. --- No, they are not married but they are together.


    yes Congratulations! Now you can tell everyone about your family. Do the exercises to practice everything you learned!