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  • How to say I love you in Estonian

    There are millions of songs about love in the world so of course we can't forget about this topic either. In this lesson you will learn how to say I love you and express other feelings to a person in Estonian. Also, we will have a look at the romantic dating and wedding vocabulary.

    I love you in Estonian


    English Estonian
    Love Armastus
    I love you Ma armastan sind
    I like you Sa meeldid mulle
    I like you very much Sa meeldid mulle väga
    I adore you Ma jumaldan sind
    Happy Õnnelik
    You make ma happy Sa teed mind õnnelikuks
    I can't live without you Ma ei suuda ilma sinuta elada
    You mean the world to be Sa oled minu jaoks terve maailm
    You mean everything to me Sa oled minu jaoks kõik
    I have fallen in love with you Ma olen sinusse armunud


    How to call your girlfriend/boyfriend in Estonian

    In the table below you can find some sweet nicknames for your partner


    English Estonian
    Darling Kallis
    Sweetheart Kullake
    My love  Mu armsam
    Princess Printsess
    Angel Ingel
    Kiss Musi


    Dating/Wedding vocabulary

    Here are some useful phrases related to dating and weddings.


    English Estonian
    Would you like to go out with me? Kas sa tuleksid minuga välja?
    Are you free tomorrow night? Kas sa oled homme õhtul vaba?
    You look very beautiful Sa näed väga kena välja
    You have beautiful eyes Sul on ilusad silmad
    Tell me about you Räägi mulle endast
    Would you give me your number? Kas sa annaksid mulle oma numbri?
    Girlfriend Tüdruksõber / Pruut
    Boyfriend Poiss-sõber / Peika
    We are a couple Me oleme paar
    Dating Kohtamine
    Wedding Pulm
    Marriage Abielu
    Will you marry me?  Kas sa abielluksid minuga?


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