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  • Clothes in Estonian

    In this chapter you will learn the names of the clothes and accessories in Estonian. Also, after this lesson you can easily go shopping or compliment someone!

    Clothing in Estonian

    In this table you can find the names of the clothes in Estonian.

      English Estonian
    trousers Trousers Püksid
    jeans Jeans Teksased
    skirt Skirt Seelik
    dress Dress Kleit
    blouse Blouse Pluus
    shirt T-shirt T-särk
    jumper Jumper Džemper
    coat Coat Mantel
    jacket Jacket Jakk
    winterjacket Winter jacket Talvejope
    suit Suit Ülikond
    underwear Underwear Aluspesu
    Bra Bra Rinnahoidja
    bikini Bikini Bikiinid
    swimsuit Swimsuit Trikoo
    socks Socks Sokid
    pyjamas Pyjamas Pidžaama



    Now let's have a look at the accessories.

      English Estonian
    hat Hat Müts
    scarf Scarf Sall
    backpack Backpack Seljakott
    handbag Handbag Käekott
    belt Belt Vöö
    tie Tie Lips
    bowtie Bowtie Kikilips
    earrings Earrings Kõrvarõngad
    necklace Necklace Kaelakee
    glasses Glasses Prillid
    sunglasses Sunglasses Päikeseprillid



    Here you can find the translations of different types of shoes in Estonian.

      English Estonian
    footwear Footwear Jalanõud/Jalatsid
    shoes Shoes Kingad
    sandals Sandals Sandaalid
    sneakers Sneakers Tennised
    botased Trainers Botased
    heels Heels Kontsakingad
    flipflops Flip-flops Plätud
    slippers Slippers Sussid


    Talking about clothes

    Let's have a look at some phrases about clothing that you can use in a store or daily.

    Sentences to be used daily

    English Estonian
    What are you wearing? Mis sul seljas on? (only about clothes above your waist)
    I am wearing a jacket Mul on seljas jakk
    What are you wearing? Mis sul jalas on? (only about pants and shoes)
    I am wearing sneakers. Mul on jalas tennised.
    What will you wear tonight? Mis sa täna õhtul selga paned?
    I will wear a dress and boots. Ma panen selga kleidi ja jalga saapad.
    Where did you buy that ...? Kust sa selle ... ostsid?
    I bought that from ... Ma ostsin selle ...
    Do you like my shirt? Kas sulle meeldib mu särk?
    I like your dress! Mulle meeldib su kleit!

    enlightenedNotice that in English you can use the verb 'wear' with clothes and shoes but in Estonian you have to separate them. 

    Phrases for shopping

    English Estonian
    How much does it cost? Kui palju see maksab?
    It costs 10 €. See maksab 10 eurot.
    I'm looking for a black dress. Ma otsin musta kleiti.
    Do you have any red shoes? Kas teil on punaseid kingi?
    What do you suggest? Mida te soovitate?
    What size is it? Mis suurus see on?
    Do you have it in size 36? Kas teil on seda suuruses 36?


    Example dialogue

    Carolina: Mulle meeldib su seelik! Kust sa selle ostsid? --- I like your skirt! Where did you buy it?

    Alina: Aitäh! Ma ostsin selle Zarast. --- Thanks! I bought it from Zara.

    Carolina: Kui palju see maksis? --- How much did it cost?

    Alina: See maksis 25 eurot. --- It cost 25 €.

    Carolina: Kas neil on seda suuruses 38? --- Do they have it in size 38?

    Alina: Ma pole kindel, aga seda oli teist värvi ka. --- I'm not sure, but they had it in other colours as well.

    Carolina: Tänan! Ma lähen vaatan järele. --- Thank you! I'll go check it out.


    yes Now train your vocabulary with our exercises!


    Exercise: Clothing vocabulary

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