• Estonian course for beginners
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  • 3 Estonian keyboard and how to type letters
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  • Estonian keyboard and how to type letters

    Although most of the letters are the same in English, there are still a few special letters that you need in order to write properly in Estonian. There are three options for doing that. You can either use a virtual keyboard, download it or change the settings in your computer. 

    Estonian keyboard layout

    keyboard layout

    Estonian keyboard online

    There are many virtual keyboards which enable you to type the special letters and you can use the simple method of 'copy and paste'. 



    Download the Estonian keyboard

    Changing tabs and using copy+paste is probably not the most user-friendly solution. Therefore, it may be a good idea to download the keyboard to your computer. 

    Just click on the link below, find the version you need, download and follow the instructions for installing.


    Change the keyboard on your device

    It is also possible to continue using your own keyboard and change the input language and layout. However, you can not see which key stands for which Estonian letter.


    1. Open Control Panel
    2. Press 'Change input methods' under Clock, Language and Region
    3. Add a language
    4. Find Estonian and press 'Add'
    5. Select the new language and click the 'Move up' button in order to make it your main language.
    6. Restart your computer to update


    1. Click on the Apple menu and select "System Preferences",
    2. Click on "Keyboard" or "Keyboard and mouse" and then choose "Input sources"
    3. For adding languages you have to click the "+" button
    4. Before validating your choices, check the "Show menu entry in the menu bar" box
    5. Small flags appear according to the selected countries
    6. Just click on the flag of your choice to change the input language


    yes Now you are ready to type Estonian on your own device!