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  • Expressing feelings in Estonian

    In this lesson we will learn how to express your feelings and opinions in Estonian. In addition, you will learn some useful words and phrases for saying what you need.

    How do you feel in Estonian

    Firstly, let's take a look at how to ask someone how they are feeling. 

    English Estonian
    How do you feel? Kuidas sa end tunned?
    I am ... Ma olen ...
    I have ... Mul on ...
    What's wrong? Mis viga?

    enlightened There are some adjectives in Estonian that are used with 'Mul on' (I have) instead of 'Ma olen' (I am).


    Adjectives expressing emotion or mood

    Here's a list of adjectives that are used with 'Ma olen' (I am).


    English Estonian
    Happy Õnnelik
    Sad Kurb
    Angry Vihane
    Excited Põnevil
    Surprised Üllatunud
    Tired Väsinud
    Exhausted Kurnatud
    Shocked Šokeeritud
    Moved Liigutatud
    Satisfied Rahul
    Joyful Rõõmus
    Grateful Tänulik
    Nervous Närviline
    Calm Rahulik
    Lonely Üksik

    In the list below you can find adjectives that are used with 'Mul on' (I have).

    English Estonian
    Bored Igav
    Ashamed Häbi
    Embarrased Piinlik
    Stressed Stress
    Glad Hea meel
    Hungry Kõht tühi
    Afraid Hirm


    • Ma ei taha enam oodata, sest mul on nii igav. --- I don't want to wait any longer because I am so bored.
    • Mul on ikka piinlik, sest ma kukkusin kõigi ees. --- I am still embarrased because I fell in front of everyone.
    • Ma olen õnnelik ja põnevil, et sa mulle külla tuled. --- I am happy and excited that you are coming to visit me. 

    Expressing your needs

    Sometimes when you are abroad it might be hard to understand someone. Here are some phrases that you can use in a conversation to help you clarify something and to make sure you understood everything correctly.


    English Estonian
    What did you say? Mis sa ütlesid?
    Please repeat (what you just said)? Palun korda (mis sa ütlesid)
    Could you speak slower? Kas sa saaksid aeglasemalt rääkida?
    Could you explain that again? Kas sa saaksid uuesti selgitada?
    What does it mean? Mida see tähendab?
    What is it? Mis see on?
    How is X in Estonian? Kuidas on X eesti keeles?


    Opinion phrases in Estonian

    Knowing how to express your opinion is important. In the table below you can find some phrases that can help you speak your mind. 

    English Estonian
    What do you think of ...? Mis sa ... arvad?
    I think that ... Ma arvan, et ...
    In my opinion ... Minu arvates ...
    I agree Ma nõustun
    I don't agree Ma ei nõustu
    Don't you agree? Kas sa ei nõustu?
    On the contrary Vastupidi
    If I were you ... Mina sinu asemel ..
    Either .. or .. Kas ... või ...
    Excuse me?! Kuidas palun?!


    Example dialogue

    Mari: Mis sa reisimisest arvad? --- What do you think about travelling?

    Kalle: Ma armastan reisida! Minu arvates on see parim viis inimestega tutvumiseks. --- I love travelling! In my opinion it's the best way for getting to know people. 

    Mari: Vabandust, mis sa ütlesid? --- I'm sorry, what did you say?

    Kalle: Ma ütlesin, et see on hea võimalus uute inimestega kohtumiseks. --- I said that it's a good way for meeting new people.

    Mari: Ma nõustun. --- I agree.

    Kalle: Kas sa kavatsed varsti kuskile reisile minna? --- Are you planning to travel somewhere soon?

    Mari: Jah, ma lähen Mallorcale. Ma olen väga põnevil. --- Yes, I will go to Mallorca. I am very excited.

    Kalle: Mul on hea meel. Ma soovin, et saaksin sinuga tulla, sest mul on siin nii igav. --- I'm glad. I wish I could come with you because I am so bored here.


    yes Continue to the exercises to train your skills!


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