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  • How to say hello in Estonian

    How to say hello in Estonian? How to say have a nice day? In this lesson you will get the answers to these questions and learn how to greet people.

    Greetings in Estonian!

    In this table you will find out how to greet and start a conversation in Estonian at different times of the day.



    Hello (formal) Tere
    Hi (informal) Tšau
    Good morning Tere hommikust
    Good afternoon Tere päevast
    Good evening

    Tere õhtust

    enlightened In Estonian it is often possible to shorten the expression, so instead of saying "Tere hommikust!" (good morning) you could just say "Hommik!" (morning)

    Starting a conversation in Estonian

    Here you can learn the most basic conversation starters in Estonian. 

    English Estonian
    How are you? Kuidas läheb?
    How are you doing? Kuidas käsi käib?
    Thanks for asking Tänan küsimast
    (I'm) fine (Mul läheb) hästi
    (I'm doing) bad (Mul läheb) halvasti
    I'm doing quite okay (so-so) Enam-vähem / Läheb kah
    And you? Ja sinul/teil?
    (Do you have) any news? (Kas sinul/teil) uudiseid on?
    What's new? Mis (on) uut?


    Personal pronouns

    Number Person English Estonian
    Singular 1st I Mina/Ma
      2nd You Sina/Sa
      3rd He/She Tema/Ta
    Plural 1st We Meie/Me
      2nd You Teie/Te
      3rd They Nemad/Nad

    enlightened When meeting someone for the first time it is polite to use the plural form. E.g 'Kuidas teil läheb?' instead of 'Kuidas sinul läheb?'

    Polite expressions in Estonian

    Let's continue with these forms of politeness. 

    English Estonian
    Please Palun
    Thank you Aitäh
    Thank you very much Tänan väga
    You're welcome Pole tänu väärt
    I am sorry (Palun) Vabandust
    Forgive me Anna/Andke andeks
    A pleasure to meet you Meeldiv kohtuda

    Anna - singular / Andke - plural (polite)

    Saying goodbye in Estonian

    Let us finish with these various ways of saying goodbye to someone. 

    English Estonian
    Goodbye Head aega
    Have a nice day Kena päeva jätku
    See you Nägemist
    See you soon Varsti näeme
    See you later Hiljem näeme
    Until tomorrow (see you tomorrow) Homseni
    Good night Head ööd


    Course summary dialogue 

    Laura: - Tere hommikust!  --- Good morning!

    Marta: - Hommik! Kuidas läheb? --- Morning! How are you?

    Laura: - Hästi. Tänan küsimast. Ja sinul? --- I am fine. Thanks for asking. And you?

    Marta: - Mul läheb ka hästi. --- I am also fine.

    Laura: - Oli meeldiv kohtuda! --- It was a pleasure to meet you!

    Marta: - Kena päeva jätku! --- Have a nice day!


    Do the exercises to be able to remember everything and have a nice chat with an Estonian!


    Multiple choice exercise to learn the greetings in Estonian

    Completing the dialogues about greetings in Estonian