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Are you wondering if you should learn Estonian? Doubting that it is too hard? No need to worry! coLanguage has created a clear and straightforward course to help you learn Estonian online!



The Estonian language

Estonian is the official language of Estonia, spoken by about 1.1 million people. It belongs to the Finno-Ugric family of languages and is distantly related to Hungarian and to the Sami languages. 

Estonian nouns and adjectives decline in 14 cases so we understand that it can be tricky and we do not expect foreigners to have any knowledge of it. But the fact that it is difficult for foreigners to learn makes us value our language highly. So knowing even a few words in this exceptional and mysterious language will definitely impress any Estonian!

Mix of vocabulary and exercises 

Each lesson starts with vocabulary and is followed by multiple interactive exercises.

We have chosen many interesting topics and you have a chance to improve your skills in all of them. 

  • Listening skills with the audio examples to hear the Estonian pronunciation
  • Reading skills with vocabulary, texts and reading exercises
  • Writing skills with different writing exercises
  • Speaking skills with audio recordings and Skype lessons

This course is both fun and engaging and helps you become a master of Estonian before you even know it!

Estonian course for foreigners

This online course is suitable for everyone who is interested in learning Estonian. Doesn't matter if you are a student or a worker, young or old, from Europe or the other side of the world as long as you are an English speaker. The course content is structured according to the distance learning audience and you don't need to purchase any expensive books. You will learn how to communicate as a tourist and in everyday life.

Additional Skype lessons to train your skills and to stay motivated

This self study course is a great start on your journey to learn Estonian. But don't miss your chance to learn Estonian with a native speaker! You can train your communication skills, practice dialogues or ask anything that you didn't understand or still want to learn. We strongly advise you to combine this course with Skype lessons from one of our native Estonian teachers!



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1 Estonian alphabet Learn how to say and write Estonian letters.
2 Estonian pronunciation Learn Estonian pronunciation rules
3 Estonian keyboard and how to type letters Learn how to type Estonian letters
4 How to say hello in Estonian Learn greetings and polite expressions in Estonian language
5 Introducing yourself in Estonian Learn how to introduce yourself in the Estonian language.
6 Telling the time in Estonian Learn how to tell the time in the Estonian language
7 Numbers and counting in Estonian Learn how to count in Estonian
8 Days of the week, months and seasons in Estonian Learn the names of the days, months and season in Estonian
9 Describing people and characters in Estonian Learn how to describe people and characters in Estonian
10 Describing the family in Estonian Learn how to describe your family members in Estonian
11 Colours in Estonian Learn the names of the colours in Estonian
12 Body parts in Estonian Body parts and describing appearances in Estonian
13 Clothes in Estonian Learn the names of the clothes in Estonian
14 Animal names in Estonian Learn the names of the animals, birds and fish in Estonian
15 Order food in Estonian Learn how to order food in the restaurant in Estonian
16 Birthday wishes and congratulations in Estonian Learn how to say Happy Birthday and congratulate someone in Estonian
17 Asking for directions in Estonian Learn how to ask for directions in Estonian
18 Grocery shopping in Estonian Learn the groceries and most common foods in Estonian
19 Expressing feelings in Estonian Learn how to express feelings and needs in Estonian.
20 How to say I love you in Estonian Learn how to say I love you and other sweet things to someone in Estonian
21 Talking about hobbies in Estonian Learn the names of the hobbies and how to talk about your free time in Estonian
22 Talk about the weather in Estonian Learn how to talk about the weather in Estonian
23 Describing your home in Estonian Learn how to describe you house and furniture in Estonian
24 Travel and transportation in Estonian Learn the words and phrases related to travelling and transportation in Estonian
25 Business words in Estonian Learn the vocabulary related to the office and doing business in Estonian