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  • Talking about hobbies in Estonian

    This lesson will teach you how to talk about your free time. You will learn the names of the hobbies and some other useful expressions to talk about your favourite activities.

    What are your hobbies in Estonian?


    Firstly, let's learn some useful phrases for talking about hobbies.

    English Estonian
    What are your hobbies? Mis su hobid on?
    What do you do in your free time? Millega sa vabal ajal tegeled?
    Do you like football? Kas sulle meeldib jalgpall?
    Yes, I like football. Jah, mulle meeldib jalgpall.
    No, I don't like football. Ei, mulle ei meeldi jalgpall.
    No, I prefer volleyball. Ei, ma eelistan võrkpalli.
    What do you like to do? Mida sulle teha meeldib?
    I like to travel. Mulle meeldib reisida.
    I love ... Ma armastan ...
    I hate ... Ma vihkan ...
    I enjoy ... Ma naudin ...


    Sports in Estonian

    In the table below you can find the names of different sports.


    English Estonian
    To do sports Sporti tegema
    To work out Trenni tegema
    Changing room Riietusruum
    Football Jalgpall
    Volleyball Võrkpall
    Basketball Korvpall
    Skiing Suusatamine
    Ice hockey Jäähoki
    Swimming Ujumine
    Dancing Tantsimine
    Riding a bike Jalgrattaga sõitmine
    Running Jooksmine
    Going to the gym Jõusaalis käimine
    Gymnastics Võimlemine
    Hiking Matkamine

    enlightened Pay attention to the word endings:

    • To swim = Ujuma
    • Swimming = Ujumine
    • I like to swim = Mulle meeldib ujuda
    • I like football = Mulle meeldib jalgpall
    • I like to play football = Mulle meeldib jalgpalli mängida


    Other hobbies in Estonian


    English Estonian
    Music Muusika
    Guitar Kitarr
    Piano Klaver
    Art Kunst
    To paint Maalima
    To draw Joonistama
    Museum Muuseum
    Exhibition Näitus
    Cinema Kino
    Movie Film
    To read  Lugema
    Book Raamat
    Newspaper Ajaleht
    To go out with friends Sõpradega väljas käima
    To travel Reisima
    To cook Kokkama
    To watch TV Telekat vaatama

    enlightened The verb 'Mängima' (to play) is used with both musical instruments and sports. 

    • Mulle meeldib klaverit mängida. (I like to play the piano)
    • Kas sa tahad jalgpalli mängida? (Do you want to play football?)


    Example Dialogue

    Maria: Mis su hobid on? --- What are your hobbies?

    Lauri: Mulle meeldib sporti teha. --- I like to do sports. 

    Maria: Kas sulle meeldib jalgpall? --- Do you like football?

    Lauri: Ei, ma eelistan korvpalli ja ujumist. --- No, I prefer basketball and swimming.

    Maria: Mida sulle veel vabal ajal teha meeldib? --- What else do you like to do in your free time?

    Lauri: Mulle meeldib sõpradega väljas käia ja filme vaadata. --- I like to go out with friends and watch movies.

    Maria: Kas sulle naudid kokkamist? --- Do you enjoy cooking? 

    Lauri: Ei, ma vihkan seda. --- No, I hate it.


    yes Train your vocabulary skills about hobbies and free time with exercises!


    Exercise: Hobbies and sports vocabulary

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