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  • Animal names in Estonian


    1. Exercise: Name the animal in Estonian Score -/-
    2. Exercise: Match the animals Score -/-
    3. Exercise: Estonian animals vocabulary Score -/-

    In this lesson you will learn the names of some mammals, birds, fish and insects. In addition to zoo animals, you will find out how to call your pets and the names of the animals who live in a farm. 



    English Estonian
    Animal Loom
    Mammal Imetaja
    Lion Lõvi
    Tiger Tiiger
    Elephant Elevant
    Giraffe Kaelkirjak
    Zebra Sebra
    Puma Puuma
    Cheetah Gepard
    Monkey Ahv
    Bear Karu


    • Kiireim loom maismaal on gepard. --- The fastest animal on land is the cheetah.
    • Elevandid on väga suured. --- Elephants are very big.
    • Kas sulle meeldivad loomad? --- Do you like animals?


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    Reptiles and amphibians


    English Estonian
    Reptile Roomaja
    Amphibian Kahepaikne
    Snake Madu
    Crocodile Krokodill
    Turtle Kilpkonn
    Frog Konn
    Toad Kärnkonn
    Lizard Sisalik


    • Konnad ja krokodillid on rohelised. --- Frogs and crocodiles are green.
    • Mul on kodus kilpkonn. --- I have a turtle at home. 
    • Kas Eestis on mürgiseid madusid? --- Are there any poisonous snakes in Estonia?


    Sea animals


    English Estonian
    Sea animals Mereloomad
    Fish Kala
    Whale Vaal
    Dolphin Delfiin
    Shark Hai
    Fish Kala
    Crab Krabi
    Lobster Homaar
    Penguin Pingviin


    • Delfiinid on väga sõbralikud ja targad. --- The dolphins are very friendly and smart.
    • Ma olen õnnelik, et Eestis ei ole haisid. --- I am glad that there are no sharks in Estonia.
    • Kas sulle meeldib homaari süüa? --- Do you like to eat the lobster?


    Domestic animals


    English Estonian
    Domestic animal Koduloom
    Pig Siga
    Horse Hobune
    Chicken Kana
    Rooster Kukk
    Donkey Eesel
    Cow Lehm
    Duck Part
    Goat Kits
    Goose Hani


    • Lehmad on must-valged. --- Cows are black and white. 
    • Mu väikesel õel on hobune. --- My little sister has a horse.
    • Kukk äratab mind igal hommikul. --- The rooster wakes me up every morning.




    English Estonian
    Pet Lemmikloom
    Dog Koer
    Cat Kass
    Parrot Papagoi
    Mouse Hiir
    Rabbit Küülik


    • Kas sul on lemmikloomi? --- Do you have any pets?
    • Mul on koer ja kaks kassi. --- I have a dog and two cats.
    • Mis on su lemmikloom? --- What is your favourite animal?
    • Mu lemmikloom on küülik. --- My favourite animal is the rabbit.  



    English Estonian
    Insect Putukas
    Ant Sipelgas
    Fly Kärbes
    Spider Ämblik
    Bee Mesilane
    Wasp Herilane
    Mosquito Sääsk
    Butterfly Liblikas


    • Kas sa kardad ämblike? --- Are you afraid of spiders?
    • Liblikad on väga ilusad. --- Butterflies are very beautiful.
    • Ma vihkan sääski. --- I hate mosquitos.



    English Estonian
    Bird Lind
    Eagle Kotkas
    Pigeon Tuvi
    Sparrow Varblane
    Seagull Merikajakas
    Swan Luik
    Owl Öökull
    Ostrich Jaanalind


    • Jaanalind suudab joosta 70km/h. --- The ostrich can run 70km/h.
    • Kas sa oled näinud balletti "Luikede järv"? --- Have you seen the ballet "Swan Lake"?
    • Mere ääres on palju merikajakaid. --- There are many seagulls by the sea.


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