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  • Asking for directions in French

    When it comes to learning a language, knowing how to ask for directions or places is a 'must' whether you are a tourist or not. This chapter contains basic phrases that you will find useful in everyday conversations in French.

    How to ask directions in French ?

    When travelling to any French speaking country, you will need to know how to ask for or receive directions to the place you are going. Learning how to navigate gives you freedom to explore. Check the vocabulary in the table below:



    north nord
    south sud
    west ouest
    east est
    straight tout droit
    right droite
    left gauche
    at the corner of au coin de
    center centre
    in back of derrière
    in front of devant
    over there là-bas
    next to  à côté de 
    city center le centre-ville
    map une carte 
    until jusqu'à 

    When asking a questions, you need to know how to say Where is...? = Où est...?, Is it...? =  Est-ce que..?, How can I...? = Comment est-ce que...?, In which..? = Dans quel(le)...? followed by these verbs: aller, se trouver, prendre, suivre, tournertraverser.


    Where does the road lead? =  Où mène cette rue?

    What street is the movie theater on? = Dans quelle rue se trouve le cinéma?

    How do I get to the museum?  = Comment est-ce que je vais au musée?

    How to give directions in French?

    In the case of giving an answer or telling what direction to take we use the preposition "à" followed by definite article if it's necessary. To say the place is within eyesight, you can use phrases​ such as; Le voici! (Here it is!) or La voilà! (There it is!). Regarding the verbs "habiter" is used for living in a space, while "vivre" refers to both time and space. In the table you will find the common verb phrases to answer a question: directions in french                                                                          



    follow the signs for  suivez la direction
    continue straight ahead continuez tout droit
    leave the motorway quittez l'autoroute 
    stay in the right-hand lane rester sur votre droite


    Pierre is going to the museum. =  Pierre va au musée. (à  + le / au)

    Sarah wants to go to the cathedral. = Sarah veut aller à la cathédrale.

    I live in an apartement. = J'habite dans un appartement. 


    Pay attention to a formal and informal speech (vous or tu = You).

    List of places in French

    You can combine already mentioned direction-verbs with the places listed bellow:

    English French
    the train station la gare ferroviaire
    the bus stop l'arrêt de bus
    the airport l'aéroport
    the town hall la mairie
    the museum le musée
    the restaurant le restaurant
    the bar le bar
    the city center le centre-ville
    the shopping center le centre commercial
    the historic center le centre historique
    the park le parc
    the hospital l'hôpital
    the police station le commissariat de police
    the monument le monument
    the bridge le pont

    Dialogue example


    Marc: Excusez-moi, savez-vous où se trouve Le pont Neuf?

    Julien: Oui, vouz devez aller tout droit jusqu'au Pont des fleurs, ensuite tournez à gauche dans la rue Paris IV.

    Marc: Comment aller au pont des Fleurs?

    Julien: Il se trouve à côté de la Cathédrale Notre-Dame. La première rue à droite.

    Marc: Merci beaucoup pour votre aide!

    Julien: De rien, au revoir!


    Marc: Excuse me, do you know where is the Pont Neuf?

    Julien: Yes, you have to go straight up to the Bridge of flowers, then turn left in the street Paris IV.

    Marc: How to get to the Pont des Fleurs?

    Julien: It is next to the Notre-Dame Cathedral. The first street on the right.

    Marc: Thank you very much for your help!

    Julien: You're welcome, goodbye!

    yesPractice what you have learnt with a few exercises that we have prepared for you!


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