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French travel phrases and vocabulary

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You want to travel to a French speaking country and to live there for a certain period of time? Then you should at least learn the most important travel-related words and phrases in French! In this lesson you can find out how to respond and interact with others at the airport, at the bus stop, in the hotel or in the shop.

First of all, I will show you the most important vocabulary related with public transportation. Afterwards, you will find a list with some useful vocabulary about the topic accommodation and going to shopping.

Travel-related sentences

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At the airport  

 "How many pieces of luggage can I take?", "When do I have to be at the gate?" are one of the common questions you ask yourself when traveling by plane. So, to be able to answer these any many other questions at the counter of an airport, you should master some related vocabulary.mü

English French
flightle vol
exitla sortie
departure halll´hall de départ
arrival halll´hall d’arrivée
terminalune aérogare
gatela porte
counterle comptoir
window seatle siège du côté hublot
aisle seatle siège du côté couloir
boarding pass la carte d'embarquement
carry-on luggageles bagages à main
one-way ticketun billet simple
round trip ticketun billet aller-retour
earlyen avance
lateen retard
duty-freeune boutique hors taxes

Example dialogue


Marie: Bonjour, est-ce que vous pouvez m´aider?

Paul:  Bien sûr!

Marie: J´ai oublié ma carte d'embarquement. Qu'est-ce que je dois faire maintenant?

Paul: Vous pouvez vous enregistrer aussi ici, à l´aéroport.

Marie: Donc, j´ai un vol direct vers Paris et j'ai seulement des bagages à main.

Paul: Le bagage peut avoir 20 kilos maximum. Vous devez vous présenter à la porte 15 minutes avant l’heure du départ.

Marie: Merci beaucoup.

Paul: Merci à vous et bon voyage!


Marie: Good morning, can you help me, please?

Paul: Of course.

Marie: I forgot my boarding pass. What can I do now?

Paul: You can check in also at the airport.

Marie: Ok, so I have a flight for Paris and carry-on luggage.

Paul: The luggage can have 20kg maximum and you need to be at gate 15 minutes before the flight.

Marie: Thank you very much.

Paul: Thank you and have a nice trip.

At the bus station

Travelling with a bus can be another option. To complete this topic, check the lesson before about Asking for directions in French.

English French
bus stationla gare routière
bus stopun arrêt
intercity busun car
local busun bus
trafficla circulation
bus ticketun ticket
book of 10 ticketsun carnet
ticket officele guichet
platformle quai
ticket pricesles tarifs
journey un trajet
last stopun terminus
to arrivearriver
to boardmonter dans
to buy a ticketacheter un ticket
to validate ticketcomposter son ticket

Example dialogue


Marie: Bonjour, je voudrais acheter un carnet direction Versailles.

Paul: Le prix est  de 10€, le trajet dure 2 heures.

Marie: Bien et pouvez-vous me dire l'horaire?

Paul: Donc, le car part à 10 heures et le terminus pour votre direction est le château de Versailles.

Marie: Merci beaucoup pour votre aide. Au revoir!


Marie: Good morning, I would like to buy a book of ten tickets for Versailles.

Paul: The price is 10 euros and the trip lasts 2 hours.

Marie: Good, and can you tell me the time?

Paul: So, the intercity bus leaves at 10 a.m. and the last stop for your direction is the castle Versailles.

Marie: Thank you very much for your help. Goodbye!

French hotel vocabulary

Regarding the hotel vocabulary. You need to know how to make hotel reservation, ask about services and amenities, pay your bill, and identify common places and items in a hotel. Pay attention that in French the meaning of hôtel is often confused with un hôtel de ville what means "city hall". bku

reserve, bookréserver
guestla cliente
check ins'enregistrer
check outrégler la facture
front desk la réception
front desk clerckle réceptionniste
maidla femme de chambre
lobbyle hall
loungele salon
roomla chambre
poolla piscine


no vacancy



bathroomle salle de bains
single roomla chambre simple
double roomla chambre à deux lits
twin bedsdes lits jumeaux
wireless internetlnternet sans fil
terracela terrasse
tip le pourboire
a five star hotelun hôtel à cinq étoiles 
bellboyle groom
amenitiesles services

Example dialogue


Paul: Bonjour, je voudrais une chambre à deux lits, qui donne sur la mer et pour trois nuits?

Marie: Nous n'avons pas une avec la vue sur la mer, mais il y a une au quinzième étage, aussi vous avez lnternet sans fil et la terasse.

Paul: Bien, et quand je dois régler la facture?

Marie: Vous devez la régler le dernier jour de votre séjour.

Paul: Merci et à bientôt!


Paul: Good morning, I would like a double room, for three nights and with a sea view?

Marie: We don't have one with a sea view, but there is one at fifth floor, with wireless internet and with a terrace.

Paul: Good, and when do I need to pay?

Marie: You can pay at your last day.

Paul: Thank you and see you than!

French shopping vocabulary

When travelling we always visit some shops. It can be souvenir shop or any other store. It would be nice to speak in French to a shop assistant. Often there are many languagge barriers when it comes to this situations. Here we will help you to avoid them. vws

supermarketun supermarché
small grocery storel'épicerie
farmer's marketle marché
bakeryla boulangerie
cheese shopla fromagerie
pastry shopla pâtisserie
pharmacyla pharmacie
newsstandle kiosque
bankla banque
shoe shople magasin de chaussures
gift shople magasin de cadeaux
souvenir shople magasin de souvenirs
opening hoursles heures d'ouverture
on special offeren promotion
saleles soldes
cash deskla caisse
cheapbon marché
good value for moneybon rapport qualité-prix
carrier bagle sac
shopping cartle chariot

Exampe dialogue


Paul: Bonjour, est-ce que vous avez besoin de l'aide?

Marie: Oui, je cherche un souvenir pour ma soeur. Je voudrais acheter quelque chose d'utile.

Paul: Je vous recommande un chapeau ou un sac avec le signe de la ville.

Marie: C`est très bien, mais quelque chose bon marché s'il vous plaît.

Paul: D`accord, voilà un sac pour 10 euro.

Marie: Parfait, je l'achète.


Paul: Good morning, do you need help?

Marie: Yes, I am searching for a souvenir for my sister. I would like to buy something useful.

Paul: I suggest you to buy a bag with the city sign.

Marie: That's an excellent idea, but do you have something cheap?

Paul: Yes, we do, we have a bag for 10 euros.

Marie: Excellent, I am going to buy it.

enlightenedNow, we suggest you to practice these dialogue situations with our exercises!


  1. Matching words: at the airport, at the bus station
  2. Matching words: at the hotel
  3. Going to the shopping mall exercise

Matching words: at the airport, at the bus station

Matching words: at the hotel

Going to the shopping mall exercise

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